Today is a happy release day! Honor’s Knight, the second book in Rachel Bach’s Paradox series is now on my Kindle!

I raved about the first book, Fortune’s Pawn, in my Goodreads review. I’ve been waiting for this sequel since I finished this last page of the first book. I even pre-ordered it, I was so excited. I almost NEVER preorder books. But Fortune’s Pawn was that awesome. It was everything I look for in a book – hot, mysterious hero, strong and smart heroine, awesome plot, spaceships, action, and romance!

I can’t wait to read Honor’s Knight. I want more books like this. If you’re a fan of Linnea Sinclair (you have read her books, haven’t you?), you’ll love this. And this is exactly the type of book I want my current project to be. I want to appeal to this same readership, readers who want smart, capable heroines, fast-paced and intriguing plots, lots of action and a good, heavy dose of romance. Crikey! I get excited just listing off all the awesomeness.


And because I’m so excited, and because I want to shove Rachel Bach’s book into every reader’s hands, I’ll giveaway a copy of winner’s choice of either Fortune’s Pawn or Honor’s Knight (you definitely want to read the first book first). Just leave me a comment telling me what you love about sci-fi romance, or if you haven’t read any sci-fi romance, why you haven’t tried it yet. I’ll choose a winner on Friday.


(Just FYI: I use affiliate links in this post. But all my opinions and excitery is genuine and my own. )