(Started reading Honor’s Knight last night. Ohmyfreakingod! So good! I hit 11% and had a major freak out. Like, oh no, the SHIT is going to go down! Ahhh! Watch out Devi!!! Can’t wait until the boys’ go to bed tonight so I can read more! Giveaway for this book or the first in the series is still going on here.)

I’m working on my time management skills. Too often, I feel like I don’t accomplish anything during the day. I’m lucky enough that I’m able to stay home and write full-time (not because my writing pays the bills, but because I have the most awesome and supportive husband on Earth). It seems like I should be able to pump out all the books, but even though I spend the day in front of the computer, I hardly ever hit my thousand word a day goal. I understand that I’m a slow writer. It’s something I’m working on, but also something that I have to accept about myself.

But I also NEED to feel like I’m using my time wisely, and I don’t feel that way at all. So yesterday I broke my day up into 30 minute segments. Here’s where my time went:

30 minutes checking/responding to email

30 minutes writing yesterday’s giveaway post

30 minutes cleaning the house (the house so could have used more time)

15 minutes checking blog posts/reading the web

60 minutes eating lunch and watching the Frontline documentary on Generation Like, a documentary Cindy Dees’ (she gave a FABULOUS presentation at our RWA meeting on Saturday) said ALL authors should watch. It’s interesting and scary.

45 minutes exercising. I’m doing Les Mills Combat! I like it!

60 minutes grocery planning/shopping

105 minutes writing.

That’s 1 hour and 45 minutes of writing. 1 hour and 45 minutes out of a 7 hour work day. 45 minutes of that work day are missing. I know some of them went to transitions – figuring out what I was going to work on next and writing and/or reading something just a couple of minutes past the buzzer, but it still seems like a lot of missing time, and writing less than two hours a day is ridiculous for a “full-time” writer.

But I don’t see today’s time breakout being much different. Instead of that hour of grocery shopping, I’ll spend about that amount of time sending out swag for the Swag-for-Brag contest that just ended.

Oh, yeah. And I wanted to make breakfast burritos for the freezer. That will take out a good chunk of time, too.

I like working in 30 minute time blocks, though. I think it might help me get more done. As I said, I’m oh-so-easily distracted, but when I have a timer set, I concentrate on one activity. I’ve also pre-planned my  blocks of time today, so I’ll see how that works.

Do you know where your time goes? Have you ever tried working in time blocks? If you have any time management suggestions,  I would love to hear them!