(Honor’s Knight is still awesome! There’s so much tension and angst going on. I love it! I know the covers make it look like there’s not much romance in the books, but trust me, it has the perfect amount. You can still enter to win either the first or second book in this series here.)

I’m still searching for more clothes to wear to conferences. Because I hate shopping and only bought one shirt in my first Stitch Fix, I signed up for another one. I updated my profile so that I wouldn’t receive any jewelry this time. Not that I don’t need it, but I wanted more clothing options to select from. I also mentioned that I wanted to try out this whole legging/jegging thing that’s going on. (Yep. It’s been going around for a while; I’m just so fashionably challenged I only noticed it recently.)

So, when I peeked at my Stitch Fix account and saw that they were sending me a skirt, I was all, “For realz?” In the feedback on the dress sent in my first fix, I mentioned that I almost always wear jeans and that it would be extremely hard to find a dress that I felt comfortable in. Same thing with skirts, so I was all ready to be disappointed.

But I was a trooper and tried on the skirt with an open mind.

Mystree Trist Chevron Striped Swing Skirt ($58.00)


Surprise, surprise, I really liked it! It looks a little short in some of these pictures, but it didn’t feel or look short in the mirror. Problem is, I have twin two-year-olds. To be blunt: there’s no way in hell I’m wearing this with them around. That leaves conferences, date nights (what is THAT?), and maybe church? Plus, I’m not sure what shirt to wear with it. I’m not sure if the ones in these pictures work at all. The note from my stylist says a big comfy black sweater, which I don’t have, nor do I have anything like what is pictured on the styling card. On the other hand, I do not own a skirt. Not one. So… maybe.

Next up:

Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse ($54)
Kut From the Kloth Marquis Slub Knit Dolman Sweater ($48)


These two were in my three top picks, but like the skirt, I could come up with a reason why I shouldn’t get them. For the sweater. Well, it’s a sweater. It’s almost March and I live in Texas. Plus, I don’t think it photographs well. If I wear this to a conference, chances are I’ll end up in a picture. On the other hand I don’t photograph well in general, so that might be a moot point. lol It is super comfy, though, and since I usually freeze to death in hotels, it could still work during the summer.

I was really on the fence about the sleeveless blouse. It’s expensive AND it’s dry clean only. Still, I thought it would look cute in the summer with white shorts and I love the collar on it. I was so close to buying it anyway… and then I saw these pictures. Um. Not flattering at all, is it? Whew. Glad I talked myself out of that.

Next two!

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48)
Pomelo Bixby Dot Print 3/4 Tab Sleeve Blouse ($48)


Not bad. And maybe the stylist did listen to my request for leggings because the pink shirt is long enough to work with them. I’d bought an experimental pair at Target the other day, so I put them on with it…and liked the outcome. I’m also loving the pattern on the other shirt and – woah – that upper right pic makes me look skinny-ish!

But, Houston, we have a problem.


 Both turn me into ZOMBIES!

I can’t move my arms any further forward than that. They’re too tight on my shoulders, which is weird. I don’t usually have that problem with shirts. Too bad. I really want to make these work, but even though zombies would be totally accepted at the conferences I go to, the look just doesn’t work on me.

So. Choices, choices. My $20 styling fee goes toward anything I purchase. If I don’t purchase anything, I lose it, which would be okay if I hated everything. The zombie shirts are a complete no-go. The sleeveless shirt I really, really want to like. If it was around $20, I might buy it, but not at $54.

That leaves the slub knit sweater and the skirt. My super awesome friend, Shelli, insists I buy the skirt. I’m torn on the slub knit. If it photographed well or if it was almost January instead of almost March, I’d buy it, no problem. But maybe I should save the money for another fix? I’ll still have some gift card money left over.

What do yall think?

* THANK YOU to the person who signed up for Stitch Fix using my affiliate link. I get $25 when someone signs up, and it was an unexpected email this morning. I hope you love your Fix! And if you want to, let me know how it goes for you.