nultiauthorbundleAround about a year ago, authors started banding together and releasing multi-author ebook bundles together. They priced them super cheap, usually $0.99 for six or more books. It’s a great deal, incredibly hard to pass up, and several of these bundles have gone on to hit the big lists: New York Times, USA Today, Amazon’s lists, etc.

I’ve bought several of these bundles. They were $0.99 so why not? I even thumbed through them on my Kindle.

But that’s all I did: thumbed through them. I haven’t read one full length book from a bundle.

I’m not entirely sure why. Usually, I bought bundles from authors I didn’t know. I was testing them out. Maybe I didn’t stick with the books for more than a page or two because I was extremely picky, and I had five or more other books from the other authors that I might have liked better?

I’m wondering if I’m a rare case. If most people who buy bundles usually read one or more books. Maybe they find their new favorite authors from the bundle?

If you have time, I’ve created a quick survey below. Let me know in the comments if you complete the survey and I’ll randomly draw a winner for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.


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