I flew to San Antonio last week for my very first RWA National Conference.

It was awesome.

It was packed with authors who love and write romance. The workshops were phenomenal, and so were the keynote speakers. I left San Antonio exhausted, but rejuvenated, too. I can’t wait to publish my next book! I can’t wait to see the cover, work on the edits, then publish it and finish the next book. January 2015, you guys. It’ll be here sooner than you think!

Here’s a short video I put together with photos from the conference. My favorite workshop was Practical Self Defense for Writers and their Characters with Cathy Tully, Rayna Vause, and K.M. Fawcett. In just one hour, I learned a ton about my own personal self defense – tuck chin! drop! kick! run! – and some good stuff to put in my books. Yay!