I’m super picky about TV and movies. It’s hard for me to sit through a two hour show, and even one hour or thirty minute shows have a difficult time catching my attention.

This last year, though, we stumbled across the TV superhero show, ARROW, on Netflix. It was actually really good. Super hero shows tend to be… well, super cheesey to me. I mean, HEROES started off well – save the cheerleader; save the world – but by season two, I was done with it. It turned ridiculous, and I didn’t want to waste my time, especially when I have books to write.

But the whole first season of ARROW was excellent. And there were so many episodes! It took us several months to watch the season, and when it was over, I missed it. And my husband and I were out of things to watch.

justifiedseasononeI asked for suggestions on my Facebook page. We tried out three or four shows – SCANDAL, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, HOUSE OF CARDS – before we tried JUSTIFIED.

We LOVE it!

My husband is usually the one who decides what we watch, mainly because I don’t pay much attention to what’s out there. We’d both heard good things about JUSTIFIED, but because he was convinced it was a western (based on the cowboy hat and the fact that it stars Timothy Olyphant from the most excellent show, DEADWOOD (I’m still oh so sad they never finished that show!)), we never tried it.

We were both surprised when we discovered it’s not a western. It’s set in the present day. The main character, Raylan Givens, is a U.S. Marshall with the personality of an old west, shoot-em-up-at-the-OK-Corral cowboy.

It’s like urban fantasy.

Urban fantasy takes paranormal beings and throws them into a modern day, real world setting.

Justified takes an old west cowboy and throws him into a modern day, real world setting.

The result is an awesome show.

I was worried around episode two or three, that the show was going to be too episodic and police procedural for me. I don’t like episodic and police procedural. That’s why I don’t watch any of the Law and Orders or CSIs. I need a story arc that continues over a season or more.

Justified does that. And as an author, I really freaking admire the writing in this show. Timothy Olyphant gets some great lines. So do the other characters, and I’m surprised by how often I laugh out loud while watching the drama. No slap stick comedy here. It’s all sarcasm, irony, and situational humor. Love. That.

Have you watched Justified? Are you caught up on the seasons? I’m looking forward to starting season two!