Sharpest Sword FranceSay hello to my newest foreign cover – Sidhe 3: Double Vue. French covers are pretty awesome, don’t you think?

The book has actually been out for a few weeks. I just learned it had sold to France a couple weeks before that. Special thanks to Melliane, who asked me for an interview. If she hadn’t asked, and mentioned in the one of the questions that the book was coming out soon, I would have had no idea it was coming out in France! Her interview with me is up over at her very awesome book blog. Yall should check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m STILL working on my sci-fi book. I had a bit of a double crisis a few weeks ago. I hit a huge motivational inconsistency with one of my characters, and the hiccup caused the whole book to make zero sense. It took me way too long to solve it, but I did solve it. Hurray! But progress has been slow due to the other crisis: changing daycares.

The daycare we had my twins in has a class for 18 months to 3 years. Before the kids can move to the three year old class, they had to be potty trained. Yeah. Well, one of the boys was, one wasn’t, and we didn’t want the one that wasn’t to stay in the class with the little kids. 18 months is a huge developmental difference to 3 years, so we chose to move them to a new center.

A new center that cost several hundred dollars more a month per kid.

And a new center that I don’t like nearly as much. Multiple reasons for that, but it sucked up a lot of my time and mental energy.

Got that crisis solved, too, though, and the boys will be returning to their awesome school next week. Can’t wait!

I’m still aiming for a January release date for Shades of Treason. Hopefully, I’ll have a cover I can share in the next month or so. So excited about this book, but I want it to be finished already!