Man, I love GoodReads. A lot of authors don’t. A lot of them just don’t understand the point of the site, but I do. I get that it’s a personal library, a documentation of what readers have read and how they feel about stories. The whole point of it is to collect their personal tastes in one easy-to-use, central location, and if they find others who feel the same way, they get that instant connection. I love that and respect that. That’s why negative reviews don’t bother me at all. My all time favorite review of The Shadow Reader was on GoodReads. It said, “Eh, not that great.” I don’t know why, but that one just makes me laugh, maybe because I’ve read a ton of books that have given me the same reaction. I can relate.

Anyway, why this sudden outpouring of GoodReads love right now? Because GoodReads sent me an email. It told me that Joanna Bourne’s latest novel, Rogue Spy, is out today.

roguespyI freaking love the other four books in this series. It’s been a long time since the last one, and I had no idea this one was coming out today until that email. (Joanna, please make a newsletter. I’ll be the very first person to sign up for it!) So, huge thank you to GoodReads. My only regret is that the email didn’t come sooner. I have vowed to read print books if one is available, so now I have to wait two whole days for Rogue Spy to come in the mail. (Yeah, yeah, I could get in the car, drive half an hour to a book store, then dodge the rain and buy one, but I’d lose so much reading/writing time if I did that.)

Joanna Bourne is an author on my auto-buy list. I have very few of those, but her books are that awesome. She’s a fabulous writer, and her stories are¬†different and interesting. Most importantly, her heroines aren’t boring! That’s the biggest problem I have with historical romance. The heroines just sit around, gossip, and dress up. It’s really, really hard for me to root for a heroine like that, though not impossible. Julia Quinn could write about the most mundane person in the Regency, and I’d still fall in love with her characters. But most of the time, I need a heroine who is more independent, brave, and exciting. That’s what I get when I read Joanna Bourne’s books. They involve spying! And heroines who have skills other than gossip, needlework, and dancing.

If you haven’t read any Bourne books (doesn’t she have the perfect last name?), you can start with any of her books. They’ve all been absolutely fabulous. You can hope on over to my Goodreads account to read my horribly written, fan girl gushing reviews.