I finished draft 3 of Shades of Treason a couple of weeks ago. I went through the printed manuscript and made some more mark ups, and once I get those into my file, I’ll send them to a couple of beta readers. While they’re with the betas, I need something new to work on. I’m trying to decide what that will be.

It should be the next book in the Anomaly series. I need to have more than one ready to go before I publish SoT, but my brain feels like it needs a cleanse. SoT was a difficult book to write.

I know, I know. I say that about all my books, but this one really was hard. I think it might be because I was writing in third person, and first person appears to be my strength. Every time I read the book, the writing feels a little off to me. A little distant. A little blah. It could be that it is off and blah and distant. Or, it could be that I’m just not used to it. Gotta have feedback to know for sure.

So I’m thinking of working on a new urban fantasy series. I hate jumping on band wagons, but it’s a new adult urban fantasy series. It would be the same story even if New Adult hadn’t become huge the past couple of years*, but knowing how big it’s become and what it is might make me emphasize the MC’s college experience a bit more.

Yes, the more I think about it, the more I think I should spend the rest of this year working on that project. I posted an excerpt from the first chapter on my blog a while back. It’s here. I think it might need a more gripping opening, but the voice is there. So is the story. And I’ll get to practice my setting skills. That hotel has to be special.

I’ll keep yall posted on what I’m up to!



*Wait a second. Has this trend already passed? I’ve been living in a cave lately, so it could very well have passed. Ah, well. I’m writing the book the way I want to anyway. 🙂