FAVORITE READSWow, this was a terrible reading year. Not because I read bad books, but because I didn’t read many books at all. Goodreads tells me 18 – my worst year ever – but that number is deceptive.

  • Four of the eighteen were novellas.
  • One was a picture book (I had this terrible idea to start keeping up with the books I read to my kids).
  • One was a did-not-finish.

So, twelve books total. Wow. That’s terrible. And one of my new year goals is to double that number.

But I did read a number of great books.



reckoningRECKONING by S. J. Harper is the sequel to CURSED, and it’s just as fantastic as the first book. This has quickly become my favorite urban fantasy series. It has a strong heroine, a sexy, gentlemanly hero, and a strong plot. Emma is a Siren cursed by Demeter for letting Hades kidnap Persephone. Awesome backstory, and it creates a strong motivation for Emma to do her job – finding lost kids for the FBI – and a strong motivation not to fall in love.

I’m a sucker for forbidden romance, so I’m totally invested in this story. If you haven’t read the first book, go buy it and make it your first read of 2015.




If you want to give this series a trial run, but aren’t yet convinced to spend the time and money to read the full length novels – you really should be convinced by now – you can get a taste of the characters, the writing, and the great tease of romance in the novella, CAPTURED. This story is just as fantastic as the two books in the series; it just took all the goodness and condensed it into a shorter format. I stayed up into the wee hours of the night to finish this book in a day – something I rarely ever do since my boys have a habit of waking up early whenever I stay up late. But every time I tried to go to sleep that night, I couldn’t because I had to know what happened.

BONUS! At the time of this writing, CAPTURED is currently FREE, so you must click and buy!





I really can’t begin to explain how much I love this sci-fi romance trilogy. It works on every level for me. Devi is a strong female lead who is a legitimate badass. She’s a respectable, highly skilled and trained mercenary. Unlike many mercenary woman I read about, Devi feels real. She doesn’t make stupid mistakes, and she knows her stuff. She has the best armor and guns she can afford, and she loves them so much, I love them. Yes, I love her guns and armor, lol. They might as well be my new book boyfriends.

But then, there’s Rupert. Rupert, a name I never thought I’d grow to love. But, man, that chef is sexy. HONOR’S KNIGHT and HEAVEN’S QUEEN are the follow ups to FORTUNE’S PAWN, which came out last year. The books are just as excruciating and action packed. If you enjoy Linnea Sinclair’s books, you’ll freaking love these. This is the type of book I hope my current project turns out to be. A strong plot with great characters and lots of action, with a big dose of romance to go with it. If you’ve never tried a sci-fi romance, then try this. If you love my Shadow Reader books, I think you’ll love this, too.

legionThe only reason I bought this book – the audiobook, actually – is because my husband and I were going on a road trip. It’s often difficult to find books that we’ll both like. He doesn’t really do romance, and a romance is usually a must-have in the books that I enjoy. But I’ve read Brandon Sanderson in the past, so I gave this one a go.

I’m so glad I did. This was the most intriguing novella I’ve ever read. The main character is a super genius. Like, really, really, really super. He’s so smart, he can’t contain his intelligence. He manifests hallucinations that contain information he learns. For example, he’ll hallucinate up a woman who’s an expert in languages after he peruses a book on a foreign language. Within hours, he knows that new language via this hallucination, who translates for him. The hallucinations are all part of his mind, but he treats them as if they were real, opening doors for them and even ordering food at restaurants even though he knows they’re not really real.

It’s fascinating, and in this novella and the sequel novella, which I enjoyed just as much, he uses his brain powers/hallucinations, to help him solve mysteries. So much fun to read, and the narrator was fantastic. I hope Sanderson is working on another LEGION book. I want to read more about this character.

These were my favorite books of 2014. Have any of you read any of these? Are they on your list of favorites? What was your favorite read of 2014?