GOALS (1)Hope your 2015 is off to a great start. I’m happy for the new year. I’m especially happy it’s January 5th, because my life can get back to normal. December was a brutal, you guys. I was sick twice, my son’s tonsillectomy was so much more difficult than I expected, and my mother-in-law was in a bad car wreck. Add the holiday shopping and party prep, and I was completely drained at the end of the year.

I’m ready for a restart.

Hopefully, a restart that works better than last year’s. I dug up my “resolutions” from last year – this year I’m calling them goals – and found that I made five of them.

Last Year’s Goals

1. Write two novels. FAIL

2. Write a short story. FAIL

3. Make exercise a priority. FAIL

4. Make a business plan. It’s a stretch, but I’ll say I didn’t fail this one. I have a plan; I just haven’t been good executing it.

5. Read 30 books. EPIC FAIL as you can see from yesterday’s post.

Writing and reading-wise, I’m setting the same goals this year. I feel like I’m in a better place to do that. My boys are easier than they were a year ago, and I’m starting the year off with a new project. I know some tricks to get me to write more – get out of the house to write, and make sure my house is clean (funny how I can accomplish anything with a messy house; it messes with my brain).

This Year’s Goals

In addition to the reading and writing goals, I have some personal goals, too.

    • Wake up at 6:30, go to sleep at 10:30. The waking up part might be easier than the going-to-sleep part. I’m exhausted after I put my boys to bed, and it’s so, so hard not to be under the covers before 9pm.
    • No TV until 5:30. I’ve gotten into a bad, bad habit of using the TV to entertain the boys. It’s how I keep them in place to get them dressed in the morning, how I stop their fits/meltdowns, and how I get a few minutes to myself in the evening. Since it’s become cold – and since we watched TV all day long when Minion M had hit tonsils taken out – we’ve watched it way too much. 5:30 is usually when I cook dinner, so that’s when I’ll allow myself to turn it on.
    • Put the cell phone down. Nuff said.
    • Stick to a budget! I’m terrible about going over our monthly budget. This year, I want to plan how to spend our money, not spend it on a whim.
    • Exercise and eat right. Yeah, this one’s going on the list. Again. There are a lot of mini-goals associated with this one, and this isn’t an all or nothing thing. I want to gradually build healthy habits that will lead to a healthy life style. Take mid-day walks, exercise, run a 5k, add veggies to my diet, stop eating out so much, etc.

I’m taking this on a month by month basis. If I screw up in January, it’s okay. I’m going to forgive myself and allow myself to get back on track. Honestly, the only reason I’m calling these New Year’s Goals is because the new year happens to come at a convenient time when I’m ready to make a new start.

Have you made any goals or resolutions this year?