Every so often, I find myself getting lost when I write. It happened with the Shadow Reader novels. I ended up having to draw a map after creating too many cities for my head to hold, and I drew a sketch of the palace for The Shattered Dark and The Sharpest Blade. I just drew a map for my sci-fi project. Like my hand drawn map of the Realm, this one is hideous. But it serves a function.

Tachyon Capsule capsuleClick to Embiggen



Beautiful, eh? Don’t you love my sketch of the Enterprise and TIE Fighters? They’re not in the book, of course; I just drew them in to fill up the big hollow in the center of the capsule. This is how people travel from galaxy to galaxy in Shades of Treason. It’s based loosely – very loosely – on the concept of an Alcubierre drive. Individual ships can’t contain the technology that flits them from one location to the other, so they have to take a ride in a capsule. Here’s how I describe this one in Shades of Treason:

From the outside, capsules were the ugliest vessels in the Known Universe. This one was owned by Starlight Lanes, a pleasure cruise company who took the rich from system to system on multi-day vacations. It was painted bright green and pink, a combination of colors that was guaranteed to make anyone not from the company’s home planet of Esyll sick.

But Starlight Lanes had offered the capsule to help with refugees and other humanitarian services, and even though it wasn’t as big as the military capsules Rykus was used to traveling on, it was capable of holding a dozen full-sized, capital class ships in its hollow interior. In addition to transporting ships, capsules transported individuals, and the inner walls of this capsule would be lined with boutique shops, high credit restaurants, first class recreation areas, and of course, the most elaborate hotel accommodations of any vessel in the K. U. It was a mobile civilization.

I like the capsule concept. So many fun things I can do with it.