Shades of Treason - Ebook Small(More frequent blogging commences today. Read below to learn why. And thanks for stopping by!)

Shades of Treason Prep
: Twenty-two days until release day! I’m finalizing the print format as we speak, then will have the final version of the ebook up and ready to go. I’ll be doing a blog tour for this book, and having a few giveaway here and there, and I have a few fun things planned, but mainly, I’m just trying to contain my excitement. I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this book. I think you’ll love it! And Ash and Rykus. 🙂

Anniversary: Spreadsheet Guy and I celebrated 10 years last week. How did we celebrate, you might ask? Thai food and an evening at Dallas Gamers Marathon. Oh, yes, we played geeky board games. Two, actually. Camel Up, which was unexpectedly fun, and Luna, which I really enjoyed. And won! Stefan Feld, the creator, also happens to be the maker of one of my other favorite games, Castles of Burgundy, so all-in-all, it was a great night. But we’ll continue celebrating later this summer, with an Alaskan Cruise. Can’t wait!

Goodbye Facebook: You guys—you, the readers, not the FB execs—I miss you. Seriously, I do. We used to have good conversations on FB. I learned some of your names, your backgrounds, little facts like a few of you are geeky board gamers like me and Spreadsheet Guy, a few of you have also had twins, a few of you even share my love of all things Linnea Sinclair, and all of you are just all around cool and awesome people.

I’m not going to lament here about FB changing its algorithms—its a business; its purpose is to generate profit, I understand and accept that—but I am going to make changes so that I can hopefully reconnect with you. I know clicking on a blog is harder than clicking on FB and just scrolling through the page, but if you choose to follow me, at least that choice won’t be taken away by the big F. B.

If you do want to follow me here, Feedly is a great way to do it. It’s how I follow my favorite authors, review blogs, publishing biz blogs, and some mom blogs. It lets me read the headlines quickly to decide if I want to read the whole article or not, and it’s simple to use.

Out of curiosity, I’d love to know what you guys think of Facebook. I still love it for personal use–keeping up with friends and family–but it’s become difficult to track my favorite pages. I have to manually search for the page to make sure I get the updates (which I did often with my favorite weatherman when we were getting a lot of flooding around here (yes, he really is THAT awesome a weatherman)), and I might as well just subscribe to the person’s website, blog, or other media. Are you happy that FB weeds out your feed so you don’t get overwhelmed? Or would you rather do it yourself?