SWGot a snippet from Shades of Treason for you guys today. It shows one of my favorite parts of the book–Ash’s flirtatious interaction with her former instructor, Rykus. Ash gets a kick out of provoking him, and she’s pretty darn good at it. 🙂


Katie said nothing as she bent down to unstrap the bio-band from Ash’s ankle. When she straightened, she frowned at Ash’s shackled wrists.

“Not pretty, are they?” Ash commented.

Rykus took a step forward, saw they were swollen and purple.

“Not at all,” Katie agreed. “How long have the restraints been on you?”

“Since I was detained.”

Katie chewed on her lower lip then turned to him. “Can you take the restraints off?”

He started to say he could, but something held him back. Ash’s wrists shouldn’t have been as swollen as they were. Tender and a little bruised? Okay. But this? No. This stunk of premeditation.

Nice try, Ash.

“You’ll have to treat her with the cuffs on.”

“Her wrists are so swollen the restraints are cutting off her circulation. If I don’t treat her, and treat her properly, her hands are going to rot off.”

“You really wouldn’t want that, Rip.” Ash’s smile took on a seductive and suggestive edge.

Katie frowned. “Is this normal behavior for her?”

He should have let Ash bash her head into the table.

“Unfortunately, yes,” he said. “Although she usually spreads out her…comments.”

Ash swung her gaze to his. “Flirtations, Commander. I usually spread out my flirtations.”

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