(This is kind of an “inside baseball” post (INSIDE BASEBALL! I’ve always wanted to use that term, even though I’m not a baseball fan. Woohoo!) so if you’re not interested in behind-the-pages kind of technical stuff, you might want to close your eyes. :-))

What have I accomplished this week? I think I’ve uploaded Shades of Treason to all retailers. It’s ready to go at Amazon (you can preorder here). It’s pending on Kobo (do I have any Kobo readers here?) and should be available for preorder there soon. It’s on Draft2Digital, an ebook distributor, and Smashwords, another ebook distributor. It’s ready to go on B&N, but B&N doesn’t allow pre-orders unless I go through a distributor. Tempting, but I really do prefer going direct whenever possible.

Shades isn’t yet on Apple. I’ve got to say, Apple makes it seriously difficult to get books on its platform. For one, I don’t have a Mac, and that’s the only way to directly get books on iTunes (or iBooks or whatever it wants to be called). So I either have to pay someone who can use a Mac to upload it for me* (the route I prefer to take), or use Draft2Digital or Smashwords as a distributor.

want to create a separate ebook file for iTunes that contains links to The Shadow Reader books over there, but man, even that is hard to do. You have to use a link creator to search for the book instead of just going to a website. Okay, you’re right, using that link creator isn’t THAT difficult, but still. I had to Google the search “how to link to books on itunes” to figure out how to do this. It should be simpler than that.

Anyway, I hope to figure out the iTunes thing in the next few days.

(Sidenote: It has been so, so difficult to not click on “publish now” on all the sites. Shades of Treason is totally ready to go, and I can’t wait to see what you guys think of it. I’m excited and terrified and tied up in knots. Eeeek!)

All of this staring-at-the-computer has given me a headache. None of it has been difficult, but it has been time consuming, especially when I kept getting silly little errors in my files. Spreadsheet Guy had to save me once. My HTML file kept coming out with <i>words</i> instead of just italicized words. I could not figure it out. I was doing everything right, but it turns out that Microsoft Word’s < is different from the < that I should have been enclosing HTML tags in. Once Spreadsheet Guy pointed this out, I could see the oh-so-subtle difference. I never, ever would have found that on my own. (See, I knew there was a reason I married him ten years ago!)

I encountered a bunch of tiny issues like that. Another example, epubs don’t like spaces in file names. So, yep, I had to go back and manually change things.

And, basically, this is what I’ve done all week long. That means zero writing has been done. Not good, but at least I’ve learned things and accomplished my goal. It should go much, much quicker next time. For now, I’ve gotta run.** My eyes are so hating the computer screen right now.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



* My mom has a Mac, and the last time I was down there, I set up an account and tried to figure out how to load up an ebook, and either I’m incompetent (highly possible) or creating ibooks is extremely difficult.

** I’m not actually going to go run. Not because it’s 100 degrees outside and I don’t wanna, but because I already did! I ran 20 minutes nonstop for the very first time today! So excited about this. I’ve been working on the Couch to 5K program since I had the boys four years ago, but I always stop or start over, and I’ve never ever made it this far before. I WILL FINISH THIS PROGRAM THIS YEAR!