SHADES OF TREASON is out! Woohoo! So excited! I love this book so much.

Shades of Treason - Ebook Small


How am I celebrating? Well, I’m waiting around for some contractors to come fix my tile*. Oh, the glorious life of a writer. πŸ™‚

In addition to Chapter One, which is posted here, a couple of excerpts are floating around the net. First one can be read The Hellvis CompendiumΒ and the second one at Love Affair with an E-Reader. I love these scenes.

Also, the Goodreads Group, Girls, Guns, and Grimoires chose Shades of Treason as their Book of the Month! Woohoo! They read Fortune’s Pawn back in April, and a lot of urban fantasies I’ve enjoyed, too, so this might be a good group for yall to check out if you want some social reading.

If you guys have any questions, just ask! I’ll be on and off-line sporadically the next few days and through the holiday weekend (Happy 4th yall!), but will try to answer as soon as I can.




*Ironic side story: Contractors were in my house five years ago to fix the tile. (Yes, we have tile issues.) But in 2010, I was awaiting my first phone call with my potential editor for The Shadow Reader. I was soooo nervous! I’d never spoken with an editor before, and all the workers in my house were totally stressing me out. It didn’t help that they began using JACKHAMMERS in the kitchen. I grabbed my phone, shut my bedroom door, shut my bathroom door, then shut my closet door. Yes, I had my first phone call with my editor huddled in the back of my closet, hoping she didn’t hear the echoes of the jackhammer in the other room. I’m not sure if I made any sense during that call. πŸ™‚