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interstellarI love a good science fiction film, but for some reason, Spreadsheet Guy had to convince me to watch this one. I think it’s because I have a mental block against human-kind-destroyed-the-earth-and-have-to-find-a-new-planet-to-survive plots. From what I remember of the trailers, they seemed (to me, at least) to emphasize the we-destroyed-the-earth thing and so I was very meh about this.

Fortunately, Interstellar didn’t harp on how bad we are to the planet, but the movie didn’t start as I expected, either. I actually liked the beginning. The little interviews with the older generation were pretty cool and interesting. And then, there was the big supernatural element. I so did not expect that. To me, the beginning had this weird M. Night Shyamalan vibe. Because this turned out to be so much different than I expected, I was really interested in the movie. Until we got to the space part of the plot.

The main issue was that there were some things that I could not believe at all. Matthew McConnaughey was the only pilot in all the world who could take on the task of flying the spaceship? Please. No way in hell. So because I didn’t buy that, I thought McConnaughey’s character was pretty much a selfish asshole for leaving behind his family, who’d already lost a mom.

Oh, sure, the writers tried to make it seem like McConnaughey thought he would be back in a few years, but this plot point only made McConnaughey seem like the biggest idiot ever. “Lets go fly through a wormhole that appeared out of nowhere and that no one has returned from! Everything will be okay!” Stupidest idea ever, so not only is McC an asshole, but he’s a stupid asshole.

Despite this huge issue, I continued watching with mediocre interest. I had the beautiful universe to watch, and a pretty cool spaceship and sarcastic robot to entertain me. I was okay with the planet exploration stuff. That was pretty interesting, actually, trying to find a place that could support human life. But then, Matt Damon appears.

Matt Damon.

themartianThe same Matt Damon who will be playing Mark Whatney in THE MARTIAN later this year. I had no idea Damon was in this movie, so that was jarring, and then I kept watching to see if I could see Damon playing Whatney. And THEN…

I should probably put in a MAJOR SPOILER warning here, but the spoiler was so predictable and pointless I feel like I don’t need to. If you’re sensitive to spoilers, you might want to stop reading, if you’re not, THEN…

When Damon cracked open McC’s faceplate, the only thing I could think was “Mark Whatney would have solved this problem in two seconds flat.” Whatney would have done some crazy calculation and figured out the ammonia in the air would react with the dust in the dirt and a chemical reaction could be triggered by a spark from the communication device Damon stole to create some cool, botany based gel that would seal his helmet and save his life. Easy peasy.

So, again, I was left feeling like McC was so lame.

And then, the movie reached the psychedelic ending. I don’t even know what to say about that other than it was way too long and… psychedelic.

I do, however, appreciate the artistic visual of infinite space-time.

Overall, the movie was okay. I guess I’m glad I watched it so that now I know, for sure, that I wasn’t missing anything. But there are much, much better SF movies out there.

And books. Don’t forget the books. 🙂

Have you seen INTERSTELLAR? What did you think?