(Sorry, this post got kind of long and medical-y. Wasn’t sure I had the energy in me to type at all, but maybe this is a good sign that I can get some real writing done tomorrow.)

I broke my face Yes, literally. Early last Monday, I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. My stomach was sort of bothering me, and my husband was sick, so I had the thought that maybe I should go on to the other bathroom just to make sure I wasn’t getting sick too. I never made it there. I woke up face first on the floor with a bloody mouth and a broken upper mouth. Lets just say my teeth were not in the right place.

I’d passed out. It’s not exactly unusual for me to pass out for no reason, but I ALWAYS have a warning. My head feels weird, my body gets tingly, and I sit or lie down. There was zero warning this time. Thus, the broken face, the ambulance ride, and the three days in the hospital where the nurses wouldn’t let me get out of bed.

Staying in bed for three days sucks. I mean, I felt and looked like shit, but if I’d been allowed up to walk around a bit, I think I would be able to recover more quickly. But apparently, when the ER nurse decided to put a second IV in me even though I told him not to because I’d black out–I faint with needles and I have tiny veins–I did black out, had a seizure, and my heart stopped for 5-6 seconds. (Sidenote: if my heart always stops when I pass out, then no wonder I always feel like shit afterwards.)

So, no one let me out of bed. They ran all sorts of tests on me, and I now have a robot in my chest. That’s what I’m telling my kids at least. It’s a loop monitor which will record abnormal heart rhythms I guess. The cardiologist thinks I might need a pacemaker due to some malfunction in some node, but he doesn’t want to just put a pacemaker into a 34 year-old-woman. He needs evidence. (Sidenote: I believe it’s the insurance company who need evidence. $$$)

On Thursday, the hubby and my parents (best parents ever!!!) drove me down to Dallas to have an a-hole put my jaw back in the right spot. I am not going back to that freaking torture chamber. I drove down there because the ER doctor consulted with a doctor there. That doctor didn’t meet with me, but a Dr. N did and we went over my possible heart condition, the fact that I pass out easily, and that they needed to have atropine around in case my heart slowed down under anesthesia. Okay. So all good. Managed the miserable drive back there the next morning following the directions not to eat or drink… and Dr. A-hole shows up.

I seriously don’t know this guy’s name, but I hate him. He refused to do the anesthesia because of my possible heart condition. He just wasn’t comfortable with it. Okay. I get that. But why didn’t someone else tell me they were uncomfortable with it? Why was I sent to this dungeon beneath an old wing of an old hospital and put into a room with half a dozen dentistry chairs and IV bags hanging all over the place? If it hadn’t been so damn hard to make it down there (I was and am still feeling sick and weak), then I would have left. But I stayed because I had a broken mouth for three days and didn’t know what else to do.

So the a-hole starts sticking needles in my mouth to numb it. When I start making noise because it hurts like hell and I’m basically TERRIFIED of passing out (that whole “your heart stopped for five seconds” thing has me totally freaked out), a-hole says, “You have to be quiet. We have other patients here.”

Yeah, and why the hell are there other patients in the same room with me when I’m getting a medical procedure done? That place was a dungeon, I tell you. I don’t give a damn if I’m supposed to follow up with Dr. What’s-His-Name, I am not going back there.

But I will be going to about a bazillion other doctor appointments. Le sigh. I was going to be so productive last week.

Upgrading Meanwhile, we’re buying a new house. In two weeks. We were sort of looking for a house sometime before the kids start elementary next year. Houses are selling like crazy around here because we have jobs, jobs, and more jobs in Dallas, so several corporate headquarters are moving here, and they’re bringing in a crapload of people. Houses are expensive, and they’re going fast. Or they were this summer. There were several houses we looked at within a day or so of them going on the market and they’d already had multiple offers. It was insane.

Anyway, we thought we were going to move twenty minutes or so away from our current house. My husband would love to be closer to Dallas and the highway, but I kind of sort of despise older style homes. I thought I wanted to move further north to the suburbs. But once we started looking, and I really started thinking about leaving our current city, I kind of balked. I love our area of town. It has everything I need. I don’t have to travel far for groceries, a Target, the gym, library, etc. I love my kids’ doctor, which is just down the street, and I love the new city complex that was built a few years ago. I was sad to move.

So, we’re not moving. We’re just buying a different house in a nicer neighborhood. It’s, literally, three minutes from our current house. It seems kind of ridiculous to move there, but the kids will be able to walk to school, there are really nice bike/hiking trails, the community pool is super nice with huge slides and a splash pool, and it’s a nice neighborhood. Plus, the new house is awesome. When the kids get older, their going to need more space–kind of a place to get away from us–and this house has that space. Love it.

Of course, I love our current house too, so there’s all sorts of nervousness going on in my head. Add to that the fact that this house has stairs and I have no freaking idea why I randomly passed out and broke my face the other day, and I guess you could say I’m kind of stressing about it.

Happy Labor Day

I hope all of you are having a happier and healthier Labor Day than I am! I’m a million times better than I was a two days ago, but I’m pretty worthless. I should be writing and packing and getting the stuff done. Instead, my husband is working is butt off and I’m lying in bed.

I’m so sick of lying in bed.

What are you guys doing this Labor Day? Let me live vicariously through you. Any good BBQ? Read any good books? Watch any good movies or shows? I’ve started Orphan Black. I think I might like it.