Drugs: Sorry (again!) for the long silence, but it’s been a rough couple of months. I finally got in to see a new neurologist, had an EEG–that test where they put electrodes on your head then flash lights in your eyes–and apparently I had multiple complex seizures during that time. Not like convulsing seizures. Best I could describe it was that I felt like I do right before I faint. Fast forward a week, and I had my follow up appointment with the neurologist. It went exactly like this:

Neuro: You had multiple seizures.
Me: Okay. What do I do about it?
Neuro: I was very surprised. I didn’t expect these results.
Me: I’m not that surprised. Something is obviously wrong with me.
Neuro: I thought I’d find something else.
Me: Okay. So what do I do?
Neuro: Let me tell you what we do. You will take Keppra twice a day. In one week, you’ll come back for a blood test. In four weeks, you’ll have another EEG. In the meantime, you shouldn’t drive.
Me: Oh.
Neuro: I’m not going to report you to the DMV or anything but you shouldn’t drive.
Me: Okay.
Neuro: Do you have any questions?
Me: I feel like I should have a lot of questions.
Neuro: Come with me. (exits room; hands me a check out paper) I’ll see you in one month.
Me: Uh. Thanks?

Seriously. That’s all the info I got from the neurologist. That was the entire appointment! I expected to at least be handed a pamphlet of information about seizures or epilepsy or whatever. I didn’t expect the check out sheet when he said, “Come with me.” But I’ve been on this Keppra medication for a week now. It sucks! Not only does it make me tired, but it gives me a serious case of fog-brain as well. Good news, though, is that I’ve been able to wake up early in the mornings and write. Also, I think I’m getting a little more used to it? The whole not-allowed-to-drive thing is awful, though. I need a bike STAT!

Habits: Speaking of waking up in the morning to write, I’ve created a habit! I’m so excited about this. For, well, the entire time I’ve been a “professional” writer (LMAO), I’ve struggled with getting the words down. For a while, it was because I was pregnant and exhausted and sick. Then it was because I was exhausted and had twin babies. Then it was because I was burnt out and exhausted. And then it was because I’d developed this really terrible habit of not writing. I’d just stare at the screen all freaking day long and write maybe a hundred words. I knew I was most creative early in the mornings, but no matter how early I’d get up, my kids would get up then too. Finally, around the beginning of August, I said enough is enough. I started waking up an hour before my kids’ wake up time, and when they got up early, I sent them back to bed.

That didn’t go very well at first. But they got used to it. And I got used to it. I’ve been getting up at 6 am (don’t laugh; that’s early for me!) since then. Well, except for when I broke my face. That really pissed me off. I’d finally developed a good habit, and my body goes and screws up all my effort.

But I’m back at it. And I’m happy to report that most mornings, when I know what I’m going to write and when I write by hand in a notebook (not on the computer!), I write about 1,000 in that hour. I am totally happy with that. This is the most productive I’ve been in years, and I start the day feeling like I’ve accomplished something.

Movies: Since I’ve been exceptionally useless since I broke my face and started Keppra, I’ve watched more movies than usual. Some were pretty good. Some were so so. Some were downright awful. I was going to list the most recently watched films, but there’s quite a lot of them. So I’m going to be lazy (yep, the morning Keppra is kicking in) and leave a link to my Letterboxd profile. Are you on Letterboxd? I seriously need friends to follow who have similar tastes as me!