pirateboundOver the weekend, I read PIRATE BOUND by new author Carysa Locke, and I LOVED it. I did my whole I-found-a-new-sci-fi-author-to-love happy dance, something that I honestly don’t do too much in this genre (I’m very, very picky.)

But I was also super happy for another reason. Way back when I first started being a “serious” author, I stumbled upon Carysa on…. I think Livejournal? Yeah, it was that long ago. Anyway, I was writing the shadow reader series at the time, but I also had Shades of Treason calling my name. I wrote sci-fi long before I wrote UF (the shadow reader idea started as a sci-fi book), so I offered to critique a few manuscripts from aspiring sci-fi authors. Carysa was one of those authors and I’m being completely honest here when I say that her book was my favorite out of all the books I’ve ever critiqued or beta read. It stuck with me a year or so later, when I contacted her to see how the book was coming along. She’d only sent me a portion of it to read, and I wanted to read more. I can’t remember if she didn’t have more when I contacted her again or if I didn’t have time to read or whatever, but I didn’t talk to her again until around four or five months ago when I joined the Science Fiction Romance Brigade (a group of authors who write and support sci-fi romance). She noticed I was there and then mentioned that she was the person who wrote that book. It was that whole “I don’t know if you remember me, but…”

Of course I remembered her! I really did love what I’d read of that book.

And then I was happy to hear that she’d continued working on the book and the world, and she has a publication plan laid out. PIRATE BOUND, the novella I just finished isn’t the same book I critiqued five or so years ago, but she introduced characters that I do remember from that first manuscript and, you guys, if you loved SHADES OF TREASON or are a fan of Linnea Sinclair or Rachel Bach, I really think you’re going to love Carysa’s books. They are about…

…wait for it…

TELEPATHIC SPACE PIRATES! Not cheesy telepathic space pirates, because I so do not do cheesy, but really cool, have-their-own-culture, semi-justifiable marauding pirates. And they have a pirate king!

I SWEAR it’s not cheesy, guys. It works. It works so well I’m thinking of twisting Carysa’s arm to give me the next book now. (I preordered PIRATE BOUND but Carysa was super nice and let me have the book early. Yeah. Be jealous. 🙂

Carysa’s writing style works for me on every level, and as I said, there’s a pirate king, and he is fascinating. Also fascinating is Treon, the brother to the hero in PIRATE BOUND. The relationship between the pirates on the big, stolen-from-the-enemy ship is pretty awesome too. It feels like a brotherhood, and I can’t wait to read more of their stories.

If you’re looking for a good, solid, science fiction romance to read, definitely give PIRATE BOUND a try. It’s still on preorder, but releases next week I believe. If you buy it and read it and love it as much as I do, definitely let me know.

So excited to read more from this world!

P. S. Also, don’t you love the cover? So classy.