I just spent an hour and forty-five minutes at my kids’ school tearing pages out of workbooks.

An hour and forty-five minutes! Non-stop tearing and sorting. My back is totally killing me–just popped a couple of ibuprofen–but I’m so glad I could help out. That’s a ton of time consuming work for teachers to do, and there’s no way the little Kindergartners could find the right pages on their own, let alone tear them out.

I’m going to try to help out more. It’s kind of funny. My mom, who taught first grade for, like, forever, always asked me to help her do work for school, and I moaned and groaned and threw a big fuss about it. I’m sure this achy back is paybacks. lol I should have helped my mom more!

Anyway, just stopping by to say hello and catch you guys up on a few things. First, my October newsletter went out yesterday. If you haven’t received it yet, you’ll get it today or tomorrow. I have multiple lists for some silly reason, and I’m worried about you guys getting multiple emails from me. So I need to go through the list and weed out duplicates.

There’s a new Aren POV in the email for those who love getting inside his head. And then there’s an opportunity I have open for a virtual author assistant. I have quite a few emails to reply to today, but I’ll try to catch up by this evening. (Side note: if you ever email me and I don’t reply within a week, please email me again. My email gets crazy/wonky sometimes.)

Release date for SHADES OF HONOR (omgomg, I love this book!!!) is November 4th, but if you just can’t wait to read it until then, I mention an opportunity in the newsletter on how you can get it early. 🙂

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I haven’t done much writing this week, and I miss it! I’ve spent the time formatting SHADES OF HONOR and reformatting SHADES OF TREASON (thanks, Renee, for pointing out those three typos, which I FINALLY corrected yesterday!). Kelia and Naito’s story is coming along really well, and I keep getting awesome sparks of ideas for other stories. Some from the Shadow Reader world, but most from the anomaly universe. I’m hoping to get all my non-writing, administrative-type-of-stuff finished this week so I can spend the rest of October writing.

How’s your fall going? Read any good books lately? I’m currently reading A Promise of Fire (affiliate link), by Amanda Bouchet, which I stumbled upon in a Bookbub deal. I’m really, really loving it! It’s a fantasy romance, I think. It seems like it’s set in a fantasy world, but there’s all this talk about Zeus and Poseidon and all the other gods. Typically, I’m not a fan of Greek god stories or mythology, but it’s not bothering me at all in this book. If you guys liked The Shadow Reader, I think you’ll love this book. It has the same don’t-fall-in-love-with-your-captor trope, but done in a fun and different way. Hope the ending is as awesome as the beginning!