Confession: even though I ask readers to leave reviews for my books and appreciate every single one, I’m TERRIBLE at writing reviews myself.

I know! Horrible, right? I just realized this the other day when I looked at Goodreads and saw how far behind I am on my 2016 Reading Goal. I’m not really THAT far behind; I just haven’t reviewed any books in months.

So I’m beginning a weekly blog feature to remedy that. I’m calling it Write a Review Wednesday. WARW for short, which I’m thinking is pronounced like a weirdly accented “war.” Or maybe it’s a weirdly pronounced “roar?” Either way, I’m beginning to WARW. I won’t be reviewing just books here. I may review geeky board/card/Eurogames, podcasts, movies, television shows, online courses, etc. The variety will keep it interesting. Plus I’m such a slow reader these days there’s no way I’d be able to post a book review every week (as a rule, I don’t review books that I don’t recommend).

I would love it if you guys posted links to your reviews in the comments. I think it will be fun to see what you’re reading, watching, playing, etc. And I bet I’ll discover some new, cool stuff through you. But I’m going first, and I’m starting off my WARW with a review of one of the best books I’ve ever read: A Promise of Fire*.

apromiseoffireIt’s no secret that I love books that combine a strong sci-fi or fantasy plot with a big shot of romance. I love a 50/50 plot/romance split, and A Promise of Fire delivers exactly that.

It’s written in first person, present POV (like the Shadow Reader books), and that gives the story immediacy and pulls me into the main character’s world. Cat (I spelled her name wrong when I mentioned her in my newsletter!) is a kickbutt, courageous, and funny heroine. Yes, funny. Her snarky remarks to the hero, Griffin, and others had me laughing throughout the book. The banter between Cat and Griffin was one of the best parts. That’s followed closely by the sexual tension that’s present in every chapter.

I love Griffin. He’s alpha male but so sweet to Cat. Well, except maybe for the fact that he abducts her from the circus, where she’d found a home. There’s also that whole thing about tying her up with a magic rope. Very inconvenient for Cat, but man, I loved reading those scenes.

The gist of the plot is that a new ruling family has taken over a kingdom. Usually, kingdoms are ruled by Magio, but Griffin’s family isn’t that. They’re just normal, everyday, magic-less kickbutt people. To stay in power, Griffin knows he’s going to need the support of Magio, so he goes out looking for one. With the guidance of Poseidon, he finds Cat and immediately knows she’s “the one.” Cat’s in hiding from her super evil mother and worries about being found and getting others hurt. Her mother is also the reason why she’s hesitant to get involved with Griffin (well, that and the whole abduction thing).

The writing in the book is fantastic as well. In most of the books I read, I don’t notice the actual prose. It fades into the background and is just there telling the story. I usually like it that way, but every once in a while, I pick up a book that’s super engaging AND has great writing that makes me stop and say, “Wow.” I’ve highlighted a ton of sentences and paragraphs because the writing resonated that much with me. I want to write like that!

I finished this book last week and I still can’t stop thinking about Cat and Griffin and all of Beta Team. A book hasn’t swept me away like this in a while, and it’s excruciating waiting for the next book. I loved this book so much I actually wrote the author–something that I rarely ever do (I always feel like an imposter and unworthy of claiming the title of “author”). In her newsletter, she’d written the scene where Griffin first sees Cat from his POV, and I loved how powerful his reaction to her was. (Yes, you should hop on over to Amanda’s website now and subscribe.)

A Promise of Fire is an excellent story that twists Greek mythology into a heart-pounding tale filled with engaging characters, exotic magic, and a strong shot of romance. It’s taken a place among my top ten books of all time. Read it!

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(And as of November 4, 2016, the ebook is only $3.49 on the Kindle! That’s a steal for a traditionally published book!)


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