I finally finished A Breath of Fire. The book has been out for around three months. It took me a few weeks to get started reading it, but I was immediately hooked. I love this book just as much as the first one, A Promise of Fire. The book picks up soon after the events in the first book, and we learn more about Kat, her background, and the world that she and Griffin live in.

The first thing that I have to note is that the first 10% of this book is all sex.

Seriously. It’s all sex. Well-written sex, but I did find myself thinking, “Come on. Can’t we just move on to the plot?” It took quite some time to figure out what the plot of this book would be. Mainly, it’s about maintaining control of Sinta. This involves two different steps. First, they need to secure their border. They think the other alphas and head families will attack them while they’re vulnerable. So they have the great idea to travel to the Frozen Plains to find magical beasts that will help them protect their border.

It’s a long, hard journey, but the gods are with them again, and while I love seeing the interactions with the gods, and learning how they are helping Kat and Griffin, I almost feel like they always give them an easy way out. “Don’t worry if you’re outnumbered or about to die or if the whole world is collapsing around you, because the gods will make a snake pop out of your throat and save everything.” Snort. (But it was really entertaining.)

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the Greek God aspect of this book. That’s saying a lot since I am so not a fan of Greek or Norse or whatever gods. Shows you how good this book is.

The last third of the book is coming up with a scheme to not only protect Sinta, but to begin the quest to unite all of the different regions. Griffin has finally convinced Kat that she is destined to unite the world. She reluctantly agrees to do this, and they decide their best option is to go and participate in gladiator games hosted by another family. If they win, they’ll be given audience with the family. If they do this, they can somehow – it’s not exactly clear how – take over that region without killing anyone. Well, except for the people in the arena.

This totally had a Coliseum/gladiator feel to it. I enjoyed it, but again I felt it went on a little bit too long. The characters were so beaten up it shouldn’t have been possible for them to survive or win. Still, it was some cool fighting, some intriguing fighting, some darn entertaining fighting. I kinda felt like a spectator in the stands.

If you enjoyed A Promise of Fire, you will love this book just as much. The snark is there, and I still completely adore Griffin’s family and beta team. I’m so scared something terrible is going to happen to someone I love, and it almost makes me want to not read the next book.

But I want to read the next book! And that’s my major complaint. The first book in the series came out about six months ago. This book came out about three months later. I fully expected the third book to be out in another three months, but no. It’s not hitting the shelves until way later this year. Boo!

If you haven’t read A Breathe of Fire, get ye to the bookstore and do that right now. Then write a review! More people need to find this book and series. It tops my list of favorite fantasy romances.

If you’ve read this, let me know your thoughts, either in a comment below or with a link to your review. Hope you all love it as much as I did!

P.S. Does anyone else think the titles should be switched? I wrote this whole thing with the wrong title because the breath of fire thing was more relevant in the first book than this book. Confusing!

P. P. S. Don’t you just adore this cover art? It’s by Gene Mollica, the same guy who did the Shadow Reader covers. <3

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