Raise your hand if you’ve heard of this movie? I hadn’t until two weeks ago. A Facebook friend mentioned how good it was (thanks Jen!), so Spreadsheet Guy and I decided to watch it.

We watched the trailer first, and I have to say, that made me almost not want to watch it. It freaked me out! I don’t like horror, and the trailer made this look like horror. Spreadsheet Guy, who knows how easily I get weirded out by things, said we could stop it at any time, so I settled in expecting to head to bed early.

The movie is about three girls who are abducted by a guy with 23 personalities. They’re locked in a room together, and they meet some of the different personalities. One is scary. He’s the guy who abducted them. Another one is the woman, Patricia, who seems like the brains behind the “plan.” Then there’s Hedwig, a kid, and another guy who’s in charge most of the time.

James McAvoy was amazing. It was very clear which personality he was, and while it was freaky seeing how different he could be, it was impressive too. I don’t like scary movies, and while this was a terrifying situation, I was completely hooked by the story and premise. The ending was pretty freaking awesome. I don’t want to say anything about it, but when the movie was over, I sat back and thought, “Wow. That was some great storytelling.”

If you haven’t watched Split, do so now so it doesn’t get spoiled for you. It’s worth the time.

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