It’s been a month since my pacemaker surgery, and I finally feel like I’m getting things under control. Most days, I’ve been writing first thing. This is huge because I’ve barely written at all these last two months. I have an extreme amount of mental clutter. Much of it is over health issues, but there’s all that whole being-a-mom thing. The boys take up a huge amount of space in my head!

But I’ve been working on habit building. The write first thing is one. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to write all day or a certain word count or anything, and that’s been liberating. It’s made writing fun again. I still have a long way to go before Anomaly #3 is ready, but with good habits and the heart issue mostly solved, I am working my way toward a better place.

This habit tracker is seriously helping. I love filling in the squares every day! The top part is the steps of my Miracle Morning, but I’m most proud of the “Clean Kitchen” habit. I discovered that waking up to a messy kitchen leads to an unhappy, distracted day. Spreadsheet Guy doesn’t mind if the dishes aren’t clean every single day, but I apparently really mind. Before I started this habit, I cleaned the kitchen 60-70% of the time at night. Now, I’ve done it every single night except once out of the last 23 days (that one time was after our annual crawfish boil, and I totally forgive myself for that.). I feel awesome every morning when I wake up and see my clean cabinets.

And, yeah, I totally realize I’m mental. But I can’t stand clutter. Clutter leads me to not writing, and you all want me to write, right?

The only downside of cleaning every evening is that I’ve gone through so much cleaner and paper towels. It’s ridiculous! I swear one bottle of Better Life Whatever cleaner used to last me 2-3 months. The last one lasted 35 days (I just checked when I ordered it last. Seriously, 35 days!). I regret what I’m doing to the landfills! Coincidentally, my mom mentioned Norwex to me–I think my cousin’s wife is having a FB party or something. But I went into a research loop this week and have borrowed some products from a friend. You guys, I might drink the Kool-Aid. Maybe. I’ve got to do some more research first, so I ordered these bacteria growing agar plates to test the cleanliness of my kitchen with the boys. The boys are going to LOVE doing this science stuff!

There are only 8.5 days of school left until this summer. Agh! The boys have done awesome in Kindergarten. One is excited for 1st grade but both are excited for the summer. I’m hoping to put them in a lot more camps than I did last year, so hopefully I can write over the summer instead of taking a complete break like last year.

Gonna go for now–I’m working on an Aren POV today! Hope you guys have a great weekend!