I know I’m a sci-fi and fantasy romance author, but I also read a wee bit of historical romance on occasion. One of those occasions is when Joanna Bourne releases a new book.

Joanna Bourne.

Man! I don’t know whether to love her or hate her.

Okay. I do know. I love her. I adore her and every single word she puts on a page.

Or a screen.


The point is, she’s the greatest author out there right now writing books, and it’s not just because her stories and characters are fantastic (though they are), but it’s because of her writing. Take a look at these snippets from her latest release, Beauty Like the Night (we’re gonna have to have a conversation about her totally bland and descriptive titles!)

“There was no surrender. This was the headlong rush across a battlefield, banners flying, heart pumping, utterly committed.”

Or this one that made me snort.

“Much as she loved Hawker, she had no intention of listening to his eyebrows.” (Love the wittiness!)

Or this one which made me grin/snort.

“He didn’t gloat over his little victory. She watched him carefully not gloat, which was just as bad.”

Gah, I just love her way with words! I really hope reading her rubs off on my writing.

For those of you who enjoy a good historical romance or who want to give one a try, here’s a quick plot summary:

Sevie is our heroine. She’s a private investigator but has friends in the British Service–Hawker and Pax and Doyle and all the heroes we’ve met in previous books. The hero of this story is Raul. His estranged “wife” is murdered and his daughter is missing. He gets info that leads him to Sevie, and together they investigate the disappearance and a conspiracy. And of course, the two are the perfect match. Both are very cunning and skillful, and best of all, they respect each other’s talents. This is another brilliant book by Joanna Bourne about spies in Revolutionary and Napoleanic France, and in Regency England.

Totally a 5 star rating!

I want to know: do you read Joanna Bourne? How do you like your prose? Do you like the words to disappear on the page (that’s how I am normally), or do you love fantastic, unique, make-you-go-wow writing? Leave a comment with your thoughts!