A day dedicated to coffee? Yes, please!

It’s hard to believe that I once turned up my nose at coffee. Always loved the way it smelled, but despised the way it tasted.

Until Spreadsheet Guy stumbled upon the Secret Coffee Club.

It was at his old work place, a former air force base converted into office building space. I’ve never been inside, but I have a bleak view of the rooms and corridors. Probably because Spreadsheet Guy often talked about seeing air and water quality inspectors there, uh, inspecting the air and water quality. It would rain both inside and outside the building, and I think there might have even been places that were closed down due to “safety concerns.”

ANYWAY, back to the Secret Coffee Club. Once upon a time, neither Spreadsheet Guy nor I drank coffee.

Then we had kids.

And Spreadsheet Guy had more work responsibilities.

I don’t know how it happened, but SG started drinking coffee then someone stumbled upon the Secret Room.

A Secret Room filled with coffee snobs.

Oh, yes, there was always normal coffee available in the normal places (kitchens, work rooms, office counters, whatever), but that wasn’t good enough for these software engineers.

They needed real coffee.

Good coffee.

Expensive coffee.

And the nerdy equipment that goes along with it.

Nerdy? Yes. But we’ll get to that.

So SG was invited to join this Secret Coffee Club. Why? I dunno. Maybe he was nerdy enough. Maybe he was cool. Maybe he just looked like he was stressed out and needed a real pick-me-up, but for whatever reason, he got to join the club.

He mentioned it from time to time, and me, being me, always imagined these grown computer nerds walking casually down the corridors until they neared the Secret Room. Then they started to tip toe and look over their shoulders. Then, at the last moment, they dove into the dark, abandoned room.

Why was it dark? Because (again in my writer’s mind) there’s this big black curtain separating the abandoned part of the room from the Coffee Lovers Paradise.

Eventually, that paradise bled over into our home life.

We started with this, mostly because it was the THANG back then.





But then it broke after a month. Under warranty so we got a new one, which broke a month AFTER the warranty. We decided to go classic next. This took a lot of cream and sugar.




Then SG’s nerdiness kicked in, and the Secret Coffee Club guys convinced him to go fancy with the pour over. 





This required much less cream and sugar, especially when we bought good coffee.

Speaking of good coffee, I freaking love Eiland’s. Local to Dallas and free shipping you guys! Good coffee is SO worth the cost!

But then, we took the nerdiness one step further with the… drum roll… AEROPRESS.






This thing is freaking amazing. I no longer need cream in my coffee, it changes the taste THAT much (except on whole30 I can’t have sugar so I have to use the amazing, dairy-free Nut-Pods instead (and I have to buy those on Amazon cuz no local stores have them. Worth it!))

This is how I make our coffee each morning now. Takes a little time, especially since we use an instant read thermometer to make sure it’s exactly 205 degrees (nerd alert!), but I love it. It tastes GOOD, especially with Eiland’s.

Sadly, Spreadsheet Guy’s company moved from the old location to a new location without any abandoned rooms (this is probably a good thing considering how often water/air quality testers were out at the old place), but the Secret Coffee Club lives on.

They just have to hide their nerdy gear from the muggles now. 🙂

Any other coffee nerds here? How do you make your coffee? Got a favorite roaster?