I’ve been in the mood to read lately, but am at a total loss as to what book to pick up. I’m not sure what my mood is, and every new book online seems just like another. So I decided to read some of the novels that have been sitting on my Kindle for a while. I’m calling it the great Kindle Clean Up, and the books that I’m “reviewing” won’t have their authors or titles mentioned, because they didn’t make the “I love it” cut. So here are my super vague reviews of a couple of the books I’ve “read” lately.

  1. The Nothing New Historical Romance – I’ve read books by this author before and enjoyed several of her books. I bought this one and several more when there was some big sale going on. Seriously, I think all her books were listed at $0.99, and since I’d just read and enjoyed one, I added 4-5 more to my collection. This one just bored me. The first 20% was a brief meeting between the hero and heroine at a museum and thinking about the past. Then it delves into a missing person “mystery.” Mystery is in quotations because it’s so obvious what’s going on. Girls are being abducted and put in brothels basically. It’s a storyline that’s been way overdone, and this book didn’t add anything new to it. I skimmed it pretty quickly.
  2. Sci-Fi Romance Disappointment – This book was one I’d seen around a lot over the last year or so. It has a good cover, meaning you can definitely tell it’s sci-fi, but there isn’t a half naked man or embracing couple on the cover. I had hopes it would be the perfect mixture of science fiction adventure and romance. It wasn’t. I skimmed it even faster than the historical romance. I should have known I wouldn’t like it, though. I have never found a book that involves a person or race of people that are used mainly for sex. This book had someone escaping from that situation (like all the books do), and then suddenly finding love with the first person who helps them. The relationship was completely dull and unbelievable to me. Other people might like it, though. The writing wasn’t terrible, but… yeah. The plot didn’t work for me at all. I should trust my instinct and stay away from these types of books like a stay away from Earth-based alien abduction ones (except for the Dark Horse series by Michelle Diener. That series was the BOMB. (and, alas, that’s why I keep trying books that I know I won’t like 🙁

Off to skim some more books. Maybe I’ll find one I love!

What have you skimmed lately?