I know. That’s, like, the weirdest headline ever, right? But I’m serious!

I’ve been playing around with essential oils for almost a year (it was part of my need-to-get-healthier kick). I recently bought Vetiver because I read somewhere that it can help with focus, and lord knows I need to focus on finishing Shades of Allegiance! So I took it out to put on. It didn’t come out of the bottle, really. Don’t know why. Maybe because it’s new? But I got annoyed with trying (I could have taken the lid off or stood there holding it for longer, but I was feeling rushed) and I just swiped the lid across my wrist and grabbed another oil to diffuse.

Then I sat down at my computer to write.

Then I smelled my wrist.

Yowsers! Um, my wrist smells good. Kind of woodsy-ish, and I just couldn’t help but think that this would be what Ash smells when she leans into him. <3 So, yeah. Kind of weird. But kind of awesome too! Now I'm thinking I need to find an essential oil scent for all my characters! I'm sooooo curious to find out what Aren will be! If you're into oils, I'm open to suggestions for scents! And, seriously, guys. You gotta smell the Vetiver. Just a tiny bit. 🙂