I found the book of my dreams, guys! I am so freaking in love with it. With EVERYTHING in it! It’s perfect. So perfect!

Everything I want to happens happens. Things I didn’t know I wanted to happen happen too.

And the characters are all amazing. I’m in love!

The first book is Star Nomad, and it’s by Lindsay Buroker. Here’s the cover.

I know. I was unaware of the awesomesauce inside this cover for forever, too.* It’s actually been sitting on my Kindle since *runs off to check* September 28, 2016. That was TWO YEARS AGO! I can’t believe I let it sit so long unread.

Actually, I can believe. I know exactly why I did. Within the first few pages, you learn that our freaking awesome, kickbutt, sarcastic, and funny-as-hell heroine, Captain Alisa Marchenko is motivated to return home after war so that she can reunite with her kid. This is wrong of me–I know that it is–but any time there’s a kid mentioned in a book, it’s a huge turn off for me. I got two of them of my own. I have to be very grounded and responsible and adultish because of them. I don’t want my characters to be grounded and responsible and adultish–I want them to be FUN!–so I shun books with kids.

This isn’t a book with kids, but because one IS the prime motivation for Alisa returning home, I thought that it would be and let this book gather virtual dust on my Kindle.

I don’t know why I ended up starting it again this weekend. I had just finished skimming a fantasy romance that was a complete disappointment. I’d read and enjoyed a previous book by the author, and expected this one to be just as enjoyable based on the reviews, but gosh was I bored. So bored that I ended up skimming the majority of the book. Seriously, I think I only read the first line of paragraphs as I tapped through the pages, and I don’t feel like I missed out on any of the story at all. I knew everything that had happened. No surprises.

So I was blue, wondering why I can never find good books to read anymore. I got mad at Amazon for giving me so many shitty recommendations and finally decided I’d listen to Spreadsheet Guy’s advice and read Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks.

I do love Brent Week’s. He’s pretty damn brilliant, and I fall in love with his characters. But man, his books are excruciating. I feel beaten up by the time I finish reading them, and if I recall correctly, the only time I’ve ever angrily (but not really angrily) emailed an author in the middle of the night (literally around 2am) and told him how much I hated him (but really loved him) for doing what he did to his characters (oh the tragedy those characters suffered!), was when I finished The Shadow’s Edge. Brutal and excellent, you guys! You should ( or shouldn’t) read it!

Anyway, back to why I read this book. I came across it on the way to flipping through my virtual library, looking for The Blinding Knife (with the way the previous book ended, I’m very, very afraid of this book). I saw Lindsay Buroker’s book sitting there and thought, “What the hell.” And opened it up.

And I immediately read the part about the kid and remembered why I stopped reading, but this time I sighed and persisted.

And persisted and persisted and holy cow I couldn’t put the book down!

It’s filled with action and adventure and spaceships and a really intriguing cyborg and other characters that reminded me a little of Rachel Bach’s Paradox series (which I dearly love!) and Firefly (which I really, really love! May it rest in peace.) This book series is crack for fans of Firefly. I mean, it even has it’s own Sheppard. And while it doesn’t have Mac, it has Alisa, and she’s just as awesome as Mac. Maybe even awesomer.

This book made me laugh so much. The relationship between her and her mechanic, Mica, is fantastic. Alisa is an optimist. Mica is a pessimist. They get along GREAT. lol

And everyone has their own quests and motivations in this book. It’s awesome seeing how everything entertwines. It’s awesome seeing how they get out of the trouble they get into. I mean, I keep thinking the book HAS to end because they get into so many situations that just seem impossible, but no. Alisa pulls something out of her ass and gets them out of it. I’m in love with her brains. And her wit. Did I mention she was witty?

This book has everything I love. Oh, except kissing. There hasn’t been any kissing. But I feel hopeful for it, and I think that hope and all that not kissing might even be better than really kissing. I mean, it’s good that Alisa and Leonidas** don’t kiss, since they fought on opposite sides of the war and pretty much hate each other. But not in a superficial hate way. They legitimately have reasons to despise each other because war is awful. That’s another genius of this book. It shows how terrible war is, the cost it has. It shows that when the war is over, it’s not really over. And while I feel like I kind of support Alisa’s side (the rebellion that’s now the Alliance which is in charge), I understand Leonidas’s side and the power void that happens when a government collapses.

Have I rambled on enough for you guys to immediately drop what you’re doing and run off and buy this book? No?

Ok. Then have I rambled on enough for you guys to immediately drop what you’re doing and run off and get this book for free? Yeah. You don’t have to pay for the first book. You get to read all the gloriousness for absolutely nothing but your time.

But about that time, do you have a lot of it? Because, really, it pains me to even sit here and write about this book because there are EIGHT books in the series and I’ve only read TWO. I can’t stop reading them! They kind of read like serials. You won’t have resolution at the end of the first book, but that’s okay, because you get a chance to breathe. But you won’t want to breathe because all the books are out and waiting for you to get your hands on them and they’re sooooo good you want life to stop just for a week so you can devour every word (no skimming these books. Every single line is excellent).

Honestly, the only reason I’m sitting here is because I can’t let myself start the next book. I have dishes to do! And my kids–remember those two little kids that make me have to be grounded and responsible and adultish?–they come home in less than two hours.

And my kitchen is HORRIBLE. It’s horrible because instead of washing the dishes after dinner last night, I was reading STAR NOMAD. And then HONOR’S FLIGHT.  If I don’t force myself to stop now, I won’t accomplish anything to day. And I suppose I should accomplish something. Like eating lunch. (Hmm, I should create a “Great Books” diet. All I’d have to do is list all the books that make me forget to eat, and I’d lose a TON of weight. Well, except that I’m usually just sitting or lying in bed when I read. That’s probably not so healthy.)

So, to sum up, everyone run out and read STAR NOMAD then come back here so we can discuss it’s awesomeness. And you can read HONOR’S FLIGHT too and we can talk about that. Or you can save yourself some clicks and get the first three books. (but remember my warning about not being able to put them down? If you’re an adult *groan* with responsibilities *groan* you might want to wait for a vacation (but you shouldn’t)).

I’m going to go do the dishes now. *grumble grumble*


* Covers are so hard. Do you go the space ship, firefight route and get the hard sci-fi and military sci-fi folks to pick up your book, or do you try to give a different hint to the reader and make the cover a tad bit more… um, girly, I guess? I ultimately decided that I wanted to scare away as many of the hard sci-fi people as I could and went with my more urban fantasy-esque covers, but maybe that’s a mistake? Who knows. I love my covers but I’m not sure if they’re doing my books any favors. Speaking of covers, though, I have a third one I really should show you guys sometime.

** Leonidas. Can we talk about that name? I don’t even know how to say it. Lee-ah-doh-nus? I tried saying “Leo” in my head, but Alisa is right. That just doesn’t fit. But why does Leonidas have to fit? Am I missing some requirement for really hot guys to have really ridiculous names? Rachel Bach did it in her series too. She named the kick ass chef-who-wasn’t-just-a-chef Rupert. Rupert! *sigh* But maybe I *should* understand. I married a guy named Herbert. (In my defense, he goes by Trey 😉 You know, that’s got to be my problem. I need a super hot guy in my books named Herbert. That will solve all my problems.