Writing retreat starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall, I can’t tell you how much I love these retreats. This is the third one, and I cannot wait. I drive about an hour north of my home to meet up with writers from the Dallas Area Romance Authors, and we stay in a house that is designed for scrapbooking retreats. The setup is perfect. We all get our own desks with tons of space in a sort of combined living/sitting room that stretches from one side of the house to the other. And the only thing we have to do there is WRITE.

No thinking about what’s for dinner. No cooking dinner. No cleaning up after dinner. No worrying about laundry or how to keep the kids entertained without screens. No messy house pulling at me to clean the dang thing. Just writing.

It’s the most relaxing vacation ever. Honestly. More relaxing than a beach or trip to the mountains. Not that I don’t enjoy those, but we still have to think of what to eat and do, and making decisions is exhausting.

I’m hoping to get a ton of writing done. I NEED to finish a book. It’s killing me that I haven’t finished anything in two years. Killing. Me.

I am going to have to go in with a plan, though. The Kennedy Rain book is easier and faster and less excruciating for me to write, but the sci-fi still calls. I wish it wasn’t so damn hard to write. I mean, I could probably throw some decent words and scenes onto the page–and I totally have–but it’s missing things. Lots of things. And I know what most of them are. I need more banter. More interaction with the past. More relationships explored and more goals that clash. With that in mind, the story took a turn (a good turn, I think) that I didn’t see coming. I want to explore that more, because it’s going to be lots of fun and scheming.

But I’m still focusing more on Kennedy’s book.

Quick update on Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire series: freaking loving it! I’ve spent pretty much the whole week reading. I’m on the fourth book and still don’t want to stop. It’s so fantastic, and everything I want my books to be, which of course, makes me a little depressed because it’s everything my books aren’t. At least, it doesn’t feel that way. So for the past two days I’ve been in a why-do-I-even-try mood.* I need to shake myself out of it, but then, I keep reading and loving her books. lol


* I try because it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find authors who write sci-fi like this. My list of sci-fi authors I fan girl over is short: Linnea Sinclair, Rachel Bach, Erica Hays’s DRAGONFLY, Michelle Diener’s CLASS 5 series, and now, Lindsay Buroker’s FALLEN EMPIRE. So I write what I want to read in between finding these perfect-for-me books and authors.