Happy Monday, everyone! I had a FANTASTIC weekend! Got about 6,800 words written on Kennedy Rain’s book, which is about what I write during a good week (I need a lot more “good” writing weeks!).

I’ve come to terms with my slow deliberate writing, thanks to Becca Syme. She’s a Strengthsfinders coach and author who teaches writers how to Write Better Faster. I’m never going to be “fast,” but if I get the right habits going, I can definitely be fastER. I’m working on it. 😉

I discovered some good story stuff this weekend. I’m about a quarter of the way through the plot and this little area was kind of blurry to me. I wasn’t sure what to put there, and everything I came up with seemed boring. I think I’ve figured out why: there’s no war.

I haven’t written a war-less book in a decade! The Shadow Reader Novels and Anomaly books both have lots of fight-for-your-life scenes, and while this series will have action, it isn’t nonstop yet. It’s just…weird writing story were my MC’s life isn’t in big danger (yet).

Obviously, I need to blow something up or start a fire.

I’m hoping to make some more good progress on the book this week. It’s a chilly, rainy day here in North Texas–perfect for writing–but, alas, my writing retreat is over and I have to face the dirty dishes, the disaster of our living room, the laundry, the grocery shopping, dinner prep, and I guess I should pay attention to my kids when they get home. THIS is all the stuff that crowds out my creativity. And all this is why the writing retreats are so freaking important. I get to feel like a writer again. I LOVE feeling like a writer.

Anything interesting going on this week for you guys? What are yall reading these days? Can anyone recommend a good fantasy romance? I have a fantasy romance trilogy brewing in the back of my mind (it’s been brewing for over a decade, lol). I’d love to find more great books in that genre!