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I’ve maintained a decent word count since returning from the writing retreat this weekend. I’ve been listening to music more, deliberately blocking news/media from my consciousness, and timing my writing time. I’m working in 30 minute blocks, and once I start a block, I make myself focus on the story until the timer goes off. It’s impressive what you can accomplish when you really set your mind to it. 🙂

I’ve maintained a 1,000+ word count the past three days. For many writers, that’s nothing. They get that much in an hour. Me? Not so much. I’ve written 1k in an hour maybe two or three times in my life. Speed just isn’t my style. But if I’m persistent–if I write 1,000 words every weekday–I should have a completed rough draft of a complete novel within four months. If I take two months for revision, that’s a book in 6 months. Two books in a year. That’s my goal. Two books a year would make me feel like an author.

Tracking time is eye opening. It flies by. And even when I time everything, somehow, I lose hours of my day. Today was a cleaning day. Usually that means I don’t write, but I didn’t want to break the chain, so I focused for half hour blocks this morning until I got the words in. Here’s how my day went:

45 minutes of writing before the kids woke up
60 minutes getting the kids up and fed and over to the school
30 minutes of writing
45 more minutes of writing
30 minutes cleaning the kitchen (it was a disaster)
40 minute reading break (Still reading through Lindsay Buroker’s Fallen Empire series. <3 <3 <3
30 minutes cleaning living room (it was a disaster)
25 minutes cleaning my bedroom, bathroom, and closet (also disasters)
60 minute reading break
15 minutes cleaning game/media room (you guessed it, a disaster. Seriously, if I didn’t have cleaners come every two weeks, my house would be in a constant state of chaos)
25 minutes cleaning the boys’ bedroom, bathroom, science/art lab, and guest bedroom (I know, I know. I NEED to make the kids do this. They’re completely capable of it.)
40 minute reading break

Lets add up those minutes, shall we? *uses calculator* That’s about 7.5 hours of activity. All this took place between 5:15am and 2:40pm. That’s almost 9.5 hours.

I’m missing two hours of the day. Is that all transition time? Yes, I did eat a quick lunch that might add 15 minutes to the schedule, but still. I’m shocked by how much time I lose switching from one activity to another.

Super happy I got my words in, though. I’m sitting at 1,394. I might be able to sneak some more words in this afternoon/evening.

For anyone who’s interested, I’m about 1/3 of the way through Kennedy’s story. Those are consecutive words; I’m not counting the random scenes I’ve written but not incorporated into the plot yet. Focusing on the Urban Fantasy has been a good idea. Ash and Rykus need to percolate a bit.