October was a 25,000 word month! The first in, like, forever. I’m feeling pretty good about myself. lol

But it’s not lost on me that many authors do this much in a week. I just…can’t. I don’t even want to do more. I mean, sure, it would be nice to double that amount, but ohmygosh, I can’t imagine the stress. I just don’t work like that, and 25k is good. I should be able to meet my 2-books-a-year goal with that amount. And again, it would be nice to be able to release more than two books a year, but nope. Not gonna happen.

One big reason why I think I was finally able to make the 25k is that I’ve worked extremely hard to declutter my brain. I might have mentioned this before, but I’m a big Input person. I’m constantly wanting to learn new things, and any time I see something interesting (and I find just about everything interesting), I go down all the rabbit holes. The worst part isn’t the time that takes. The worst part is that it drains all my mental energy.

The other thing that was draining my mental energy?

Clash Royale.

Don’t download it, yall. It’s addicting. More addicting than Candy Crush. It’s one of those loot games. You battle real online opponents using different “cards” that you upgrade by requesting more of those cards from clanmates, and by spending gold. It’s super fun, but I played more than I should have. The games are three minutes long (unless you go into overtime; and let me just say that I hate that overtime was extended), so you think, “Three minutes. That’s not much. I have three minutes to spare.” But then the game is over and you spare another three minutes and then another.

It *seems* like Clash Royale is a good thing to do while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or in line somewhere. Or just when you’re waiting a few minutes for your kids to get home from school. But playing that game requires you to make choices, and I’ve been reading quite a bit on brain science (for normal people, not smart people lol). I’ve learned that even tiny choices take up the same amount of mental energy as big choices, so one three minute game probably required me to make more than a dozen decisions. And that doesn’t even count the decision of whether I should play another game or not. It’s just… Well, I didn’t realize how freaking tired that made me all the time. I couldn’t be creative.

So I’ve been very careful with my brain. I have to deliberately keep input away, which means not going on Facebook (sooooo much input there!), not checking news sites (should I click that link for more info or not?), and definitely not playing games.

The result? I’m writing more, reading more, and not quite as tired as I was last month. #winning