crown of midnight reviewI don’t know how to review this book. It was magnificent and heartbreaking. I’ll just transcribe some of the thoughts I had as I was reading and as nonspoilery as possible:

(annoyingly, I can’t figure out how to see the page numbers of these thoughts, only the “Location.”)
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Loc 92: She shoved the questions down, down, down, until there was no possibility of his reading them on her face. [LOVE the writing! I suck as an author.]

Loc 165: Ooh, love the angst here!

Loc 292: I really question his qualifications for Captain of the Guard. I just don’t quite get it.

Loc 1151: close enough that she could smell whatever fine cologne he wore–an elegant, tantalizing blend that made her think of silk sheets and candlelight. [Amazing description. I suck as an author.]

Loc 1666: Woah, that’s evil.

Loc 1999: Ooooh I love this complication!!!

Loc 2059: He turned. For a heartbeat, there was something in his eyes that reminded her of a world long since burned–a glimmer of color and power that still stalked the edges of her nightmares. [Wow. It’s official. I totally suck as a writer.]

Loc 2412: Love all of these almosts. Also, I want some chocolate cake.

Loc 2617: FINALLY!

Loc 2885: I am soooo scared! I want to stop reading! Please don’t do anything horrible to my favorite characters!!!

Loc 3231: Ohmygosh. I expected something bad, but this? THIS? What are you doing to me, Sarah J. Maas!? This is awful. I’m so unhappy. I’m so hurt. I’m crushed!!!

Loc 3353: *sobs*

Loc 4426: *more sobs*

Loc 5540: Oh ouch!

Loc 5631: She just keeps killing me and killing me!

Loc 5642: Wow, this is beautiful, vivid writing. [Yep, I still suck.]

Loc 5693: Hmm. I’m not quite understanding why this is supposedly so devastating. I mean, I knew–and he should have known–this kind of revelation was going to happen. Right?

Ending: I don’t think I can endure the next book. *immediately buys next book*