Happy Monday!

I had a fantastic weekend. Not only did I finish the day Friday with my 5,000 word a week goal met, but I went through Sarra Cannon’s HB90 Boot Camp. That’s the class I mentioned last week that helps authors plan their year. Or rather, plan the next quarter, since it sets goal deadlines every three months. That should make it much easier to stay on track. I’ve done so, so well this last quarter of 2018. If I carry it over and use the HB90 method of planning for 2019, I expect it to be a freaking awesome year. Anyway, Sarra’s class was obviously amazing. I’ve watched all the videos and am finishing out my planner and will be setting up my Kanban board this week. I can’t wait! And look what I bought myself. So pretty!



We also had our 14th Annual White Elephant Party. We think it’s the 14th. Somewhere around there. It’s always super fun, and a great excuse to get together with our friends. I have to say I think our White Elephant gift exchange–which I renamed to Orange Elephant because I made our cards pretty this year, and could only quickly find a white elephant 🙂 — worked better than it has in years. Pretty much all our friends play geeky board games, or deck building games, or EuroGames, or strategy games, or whatever you want to call them, so Spreadsheet Guy wanted a way to geek-i-fy the exchange (my word, not his; he’s probably rolling his eyes at me right now for writing that, lol). We had our usual Bag of Wonder, Fists of Fury, Parachute, etc cards, but added a couple of new ones (Tongue Tied worked out well!) that were fun, too. I brought a Rocketbook for the exchange and really, really wanted to keep it, but I ended up with lotto tickets. Those didn’t turn out well for me. 🙂

When the exchange was finished, we played Code Names–my favorite big group game–and then our friends taught of Sagrada. If you like Azul, you’ll like this. We played with the expansion, so we were building our stained glass masterpiece with die from a rolling pool in the middle and our own personal die. Everyone gets a card that lays out a design grid you have to fill. Some squares tell you the number you must put there. Others tell you the color that must go there. And then you have some blank squares. You can’t let the same numbers or same colors touch, and that gets trickier towards the end. It’s sort of like Soduku but more interactive and fun and colorful. I think part of the reason I liked it so much was that I actually won!

Writing Update: I’m on schedule to finish Kennedy Rain #1 by the end of February. I’m planning on a summer release because I don’t want to stress myself out or miss a personal deadline again. It’s going so well, though, and I know the HB90 planning is going to help me rock it.

I don’t expect to write many more words this year, though. I’m being on personal stuff, buying presents, wrapping presents, preventing my house from turning into a complete disaster. You know, the usual. I’m hoping to end the year with 65,000 words. *crosses fingers*

Kenndy Rain #1 Status:

New words: 5,033
Manuscript Total: 59,698/90,000

What are you guys up to this week? Anyone completely ready for Christmas? If you are, I’m totally glaring at you. 😉