Happy New Year! Again!

My year is just now getting started. We spent last week in Colorado and had a beautiful time. Spreadsheet Guy skid three days and Kid C took snowboarding lessons for three days. Both loved it. I took skiing lessons one day, and my feet hurt like hell. Seriously. The boots I rented smashed down the front half of my foot. I don’t know if it was the boots, or if it was because I was wearing toe warmers, but my feet were numb the entire time so it was a bit painful.

Skiing really isn’t my thing, though. My thing is curling up with my laptop, a cup of coffee, and a view of the snow covered mountains and writing all day. I didn’t really get to do that this time because Kid M had a melt down the first day of lessons. In his defense, it was something like -4 degrees. I think he started out cold and just couldn’t warm up. He was ballistic for about an hour. I finally got him warm and calmed down, and he agreed to go to his lesson, but it took so long to get him back to being reasonable that I missed my lesson. Kudos to Keystone, though. They moved my lesson to the next day easy-peasy. And then, when Kid M had enough around lunchtime and didn’t want to do anymore lessons, they refunded his lesson. Super appreciate that!

But, yeah, writing didn’t really happen that week. Oh, except for one of the nights that I woke up around midnight and couldn’t sleep. I wrote 1,200 words on the fantasy novel, so yay!

But today is the day the real new year begins! I woke up and wrote and spent way too long meal planning for the week. I always spend way too long meal planning. It’s the bane of my existence!

Week 1 Project Update:

Kennedy Rain #1
Words Written: 11 (I know! lol, but I did delete a lot, so it’s not THAT bad.)
Total Progress: 59,757/90,000

Fantasy Project
Words Written: 1,276 (yay for insomnia!)
Total Progress: ?/100,000 (Hmm. Maybe I should track this yet. I usually only count consecutive words from the beginning as part of my manuscript word count, so I actually have close to 15k, but there all scattered over the place/scenes.)

Shades of Allegiance
Words Written: 0 (I know. I know. The good news is I’m feeling the itch to dive back into the story.)
Total Progress: 55,157/90,000


We listened to the first five hours of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have to say that the beginning of this book wasn’t as boring as the beginning of the previous two. I felt like Rowlings got to the point of the story (escaped prisoner) way faster than in previous books. I still hate every second spent with the Dursleys, but it felt shorter this time.

The kids love listening to the book, and I find I’m enjoying it a lot because of that. The boys are quickly becoming fans.

As for reading reading, I’m still working my way through Heir of Fire. I’m enjoying it, but every time the book switches to Manon’s POV, it becomes very easy to set down. I just don’t like being in a villain’s POV. I don’t care about them. I groaned every time I saw her name at the beginning of a chapter right up until the twist about halfway through. That was brilliant and interesting! But now she’s back to boring. *sigh*


Spreadsheet Guy and I have started watching The Americans again. We watched the first season a year or so ago, but stopped for some reason. We were both enjoying it, but I guess I just wasn’t in the mood. Since we finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we needed a new show to watch together, so we picked this one back up again. We’re about four episodes in, and I’m really enjoying it. Plus I love Keri Russel.


We bought about a gazillion games to play together with the boys. All are pretty fun. I’m adding them to the To Be Reviewed list, so I’ll go into details in future posts then try to remember to link back here.

Did you guys get any new games or books for Christmas? What did ya get?