Who else has watched Mary Poppins Returns? We saw it over the holidays. I went expecting to be disappointed, but hopeful that I wouldn’t be. The original was just so good, how could a sequel compare? It didn’t help that I’ve been supremely disappointed with a lot of Hollywood sequels. Some stories are just better left alone, you know?

I sat with the family in the theater hoping for a decent movie. I didn’t expect to LOVE it, but I did. It was phenomenal!

If you were wanting to know how Emily Blunt compares to Julie Andrews, she doesn’t. Julie Andrews didn’t cross my mind at all while watching this because Emily Blunt was THE Mary Poppins. It never felt weird watching her in the role. She seamlessly fit and was marvelous.

And I have finally become a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan. It’s not that I wasn’t a fan before, but I’d only heard all the hype about him. I’d seen him on TV promoting Hamilton a few times (still haven’t seen that***) and then read about him supporting Puerto Rico. But I loved him as Jack. He was so adorable and fun and his smile was contagious. <3 


 The story was fantastic too. The kids from the first movie have grown up, and Michael Banks has kids of his own, but has lost his wife. So, naturally I was teary eyed the whole time. THAT was aggravating. I swear I wasn’t so easily weepy-eyed before I had kids. *glowers* Anyway, he’s in financial trouble and might lose the house and he’s totally stressed out from having to suddenly raise his three kids on his own. Enter Mary Poppins to save the day!

The writers/directors did a fantastic job of reimaging scenes from the first movie. The kite had a big role, and we had leeries instead of chimney sweeps. I did prefer the chimney sweeps but the leeries were perfectly fine. 

The only scene I didn’t like was with Cousin Topsy. It was annoying. They were trying to recreate the laughing/floating table scene of the first movie, but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know why. When I sit down and think about it, it seems like it should have worked. I’m wondering if it was just because I was jarred by Meryl Streep. She just bothered me. Or maybe the sort of… Russian-like?…character what off putting. I have no idea. Did you guys like that scene?

Anyway, such a great movie and definitely worth seeing. My seven-year-old boys grinned the whole time sitting on the edge of their seats. 

What did you think of it? If you haven’t seen it, do you plan to?


*** Holy cow! I just remembered Hamilton is coming to Dallas in a few months so I headed over to ticketmaster to check out the prices. There’s not a seat available that’s under $500! Is that accurate? I mean, that’s freaking crazy. It can’t be worth that price, right?)