Yall, I will never be a poet, but we LOVE these Nerf swords. They’re definitely worth the effort to write a review. I went on Amazon to do just that. Oddly, though, my review kept rhyming. So I shrugged and just…went with it

Dear Nerf Zombie Swords,

You have served us well.

When I bought you online in 2015
I had no idea how long you’d be on our team.

You showed up on our doorstep in a box that was rather large
But I tore you open because our credit card was charged.

There in the bottom lay three far too long sword blades
I knew heads would be lost if I didn’t hide them away.

Alas those four-year-olds were already so sneaky
They stole them from the closet but never once did they get weepy.

The boys had skills. The swords had foam. And Dad had perfected his fake dying.
Their love for sword fights went on and on and they loved to swing them flying.

The battles raged for four long years creating memories all that time.
The long ago silly purchase was worth every single dime.

For thrones and gold and glories in abundance those three blades stayed strong and true.
But now we must part with them even though it makes us blue.

The blades are bent, the foam is worn, the plastic is laid bare.
We wouldn’t say goodbye if it wasn’t for the boys’ welfare.

But not to worry those kid knights always have a plan.
They intend to re-order them, one blade for each man.

So they will plot, they will plan, they will wait for them with calm
Because in two days counting a box will arrive from Amazon dot com.