I have to apologize, ya’ll. I have done no editing or writing in the last twenty-four hours. Instead, I was sucked into Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik. It was so, so good! From beginning to end! The perfect blend of sci-fi romance, which is so freaking hard to find. Read this book, you guys. I LOVED it!

I heard about it when Ilona Andrews mentioned it on her blog. She recommends it, so of course it has to be good, right? I read the first chapter a while back and was definitely interested, but I’ve learned not to get excited about a sci-fi romance book until at least the halfway point. So many times the beginning is good, and then… eh.

So, the plot. Let me sum it up. Ada is one of the daughters of one of the three most powerful families in the universe. In order to avoid a forced marriage, she takes off and goes into hiding. It’s been two years, and mercenaries finally catch up with her. The imprison her with Loch, supersoldier extraordinaire! He is everything I love in a hero.

Ada is everything I love in a heroine. Resourceful, brave, and real. She knows her limitations. She’s afraid when she should be afraid but that doesn’t stop her. She’s cautious when she should be cautious but does dangerous things when it’s required.

Loch and Ada escape together, shenanigans happen, we meet other fantastic characters and have a Happily Ever After. It was perrrrrfect!

One of the things I really enjoyed was the mash-up of Regency Romance with Science Fiction. I don’t know if that was intentional, but I totally got the vibe of the Regency social scene complete with seasons and formalities and such. Loved that!

Devoured this book in twenty-four hours. And, why yes, I did notice that the author has another book out and, yes, I did one-click purchase it, although I probably shouldn’t because I need to get stuff done!