Have you ever picked up a book, fallen in love with it, and then became mad at the world because why the heck didn’t anyone tell you how awesome it is? That’s how I feel about Wanted & Wired by Vivien Jackson.

I’ve seen the cover on Amazon a few times. I might have even read the blurb but some other shiny book always captured my attention. I have no idea why I finally picked it up. I thought it was because an author I followed mentioned it (maybe Amanda Bouchet? But the mention would have to have been in the last month or so and I don’t see a reference to it) but maybe I just saw it for the hundredth time in my Amazon Also-Boughts and decided to finally read a snippet.

I bet one of the reasons why I put off reading this was because it was post-apocalyptic-ish. My brain thinks I hate “sci-fi” books that are set on a version of Earth were everything has gone to hell. That’s just so depressing, and I don’t read books to be depressed. But I loved the Hunger Games and a few other books I accidentally picked up before I realized they were dystopian, so obviously, I need to readjust what I think I like.

Plot in a Nutshell: an assassin is hired to take out the clone-mech husband of a politician, only to find out she killed the politician’s real husband. The assassin goes on the run with her super hot, super awesome, enhanced partner who can’t want her like she wants him.

This book smolders from page one, you guys. If you don’t like reading steamy romance, then this isn’t for you. But if  you DO like it, and you love books that have just as much high-octane plot as it does edge-of-your-seat romance, read this.

The world the author created was pretty intriguing. Most people are technologically enhanced in some way. Our assassin, Mari, is not. In fact, she kind of pushes back against all the enhanced people. Except for her partner, Heron, who has All of the Enhancements

I loved these two together! Heron had mad tech skills, and it was awesome seeing how he worked, how efficient he could be, how much power he could harness. Mari was a good, strong character too who didn’t sit on the sidelines and let other people solve her problems. She knew she was in deep shit, and she was dealing with it.

This was one of my favorite reads of the year. Go read it, then come back and tell me what you think.