I need to start writing down why I pick up a book. I can’t remember what made me try a sample of Promise of Darkness. Maybe it was in an Also Bought list? I dunno, but I’m glad I gave it a try because it was fantastic.

I’ve come across Bec McMaster’s name a lot. I think she first jumped on my radar with her steampunk series, but I’ve never really read steampunk, so I never picked it up. I’m going to have to give that series a try because I really loved her worldbuilding, her characters, and the perfect level of romance.

Our heroine, Vi, is the daughter of a cruel Seelie queen. That queen has been at war with the Prince of Evernight, a neighboring kingdom. To sort of ward off war, the queen and the prince agree to exchange hostages, so the princess, Vi, is sent to live with the enemy for three months while he sends someone to her court.

It becomes pretty obvious that something is up. The prince is charming and flirtatious, not the super evil villain the queen made him out to be. Vi is supposed to kill him, but she’s uncomfortable with the idea. Then little things start happening, little conversations are overheard, and we get the reveal. Even though I had an idea very early on about that reveal, I didn’t get annoyed that Vi didn’t catch on. That sometimes happens with books. You read them and you just want to smack the heroine upside the head because she can’t see the Very Obvious Thing that’s going on. In this book, Vi had suspicions that something wasn’t right, but was working toward finding the answers.

Obviously, the queen is a bitch. Is that a spoiler? I mean, she’s awful from page one and it just gets worse. I guess that was the only thing that made me frustrated about Vi. When your mom is that terrible, you owe her no loyalty, amiright?

Anyway, this book had interesting worldbuilding, a fantastic romance, and lots of ohmygosh are they going to survive moments. I was kind of stressed to read it because it felt like something terrible was going to happen. It was kind of like Sarah J. Maas’s books (I STILL haven’t read Empire of Storms because I’m so worried my heart is going to be broken! Plus, I always feel like a shitty writer after reading her books, and I don’t need that kind of depression right now, lol), but Promise of Darkness wasn’t THAT excruciating. Or, it hasn’t been yet.

That brings me to my one BIG COMPLAINT. After all this time of seeing Bec McMaster’s books and finally giving them a try, I choose the book that was JUST published!!! Ugh! That means I have to WAIT for the next book in the series.

Have I ever mentioned that I am NOT patient?

Anyway, this was a fantastic start to a series. The main characters are fantastic, and so are the supporting characters. The Big Bad Ones are powerful and scary. If you’re looking for a fantasy romance in the vein of Sarah J. Maas or Amanda Bouchett, you’ll love this book.