In junior high–sometime in the mid 90s–there was a flood. I have two vivid-for-me memories of this day (my visual memory usually sucks). The first is of my junior high principal. I was a good kid, so I never had anything to do with him. He was just there and someone I’d only meet if I was in trouble. But on this day, I remember him being half-soaked and on the phone and taking care of business. I remember thinking, “Wow. He’s in charge and doing a lot and coordinating so much.” He went from being someone who was “just there” to someone I respected.  We were all being sent home early, so there was a lot of confusion and chaos, and he took it all in stride and made sure everyone was safe and got home.

The other memory, which really has very little to do with the main point of this post, is of my dad rushing home from my grandparents who lived on the edge of town. He went there to help out because water was in the house and it was getting worse. He rushed home to get his gun because they heard something break and thought there were looters. I have no idea if there were, but I do remember thinking “Uhhhh. Shit.” I think we tried calling the police when he left, but the put us on hold. 

Anyways, no one was shot. Everyone was fine. Houses were flooded but the city recovered.

Back to the first point, my respect for my junior high principal. With schools closed this week, I’ve read posts from our mayor and watched videos from our school district’s superintendent. I’ve always liked him. He visits the campuses often and always has a smile on his face. I like him even more because these little videos explain what’s going on behind the scenes to keep the staff and students safe and healthy, and to keep educating the students. On March 1st, heck, probably even March 10th, no one thought schools across the nation would be shut down. It wasn’t even a thought in the back of anyone’s minds. Then, all the sudden, within a day or two, they shut down. Within another day or two, people began to realize they weren’t re-opening anytime soon. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced multiple WTF-is-going-on moments, but the staff and administration have done a superb job of keeping us informed and figuring out how to teach a whole district-worth of kids from home. That’s a freaking amazing feat.

So major props to all the administrators and officials and behind-the-scenes people who are getting shit done. You are awesome. 

Now, onto Quarantine Home School Day #2

The schedule.

Uh. What schedule?

Yeah. Well, when you sleep to 8:30 (I never sleep until 8:30!) and you plan to start “school” at 9, then you end up starting school “late.” And then you’re behind. And then you try to pause the schedule so you can watch Science Mom live, which was an hour (really, 2 hours but we stop halfway in because that’s SO long!). 

We did manage to do Khan Academy math. I’m suspending that tomorrow to catch up on Science Mom/Math Dad’s two Minecraft Math challenges. 

One kid did Khan Academy grammar while the other did his Lexia time (dyslexic program).

Then they read.

Then we went for a long walk looking for shamrocks in neighbors’ windows. (We found 13. Someone else found 113! They went by car. I couldn’t convince my kids to take the car.)

Spreadsheet Guy gave the boys much needed haircuts, and I’m hoping and praying they’re in bed soon. I obviously need to go to sleep earlier so I can get up earlier. Momma’s not happy when she doesn’t get morning alone time.

We should be receiving assignments from teachers next week. I plan to stick with what I’m doing this week. I’m kind of doubting the work they’re assigned will take up more than a couple of hours. Maybe. But maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

Oh! One last thing! I have Dragon Dictation software I bought for my writing. It’s super hard for me to write that way, but I set up profiles for both kids. The creative/funny kid who is dyslexic and has speech issues struggled with it, but we didn’t “train” it and I was actually impressed with how much it got right.

Science Kid did pretty well with it and loves it. It’s very stream-of-thought, but I think he might work that out of his system and do something more with it. He’s the kid who’s wrote a couple of stories. Well, he’s started a couple of stories. Hasn’t finished. Who does that remind you of?

Anyway, we survived Day #2. I’m still kind of in shell-shock that this might last “indefinitely.”

How are you all managing?