Shades of Allegiance is here! Finally!

It’s only been four years, two months, and twenty-two days since my last book, but let’s not dwell on that. Let’s celebrate the fact that Ash and Rip are back, and they are freaking awesome in this book. You should read.

One of you already has. Seriously! Either that, or you were sneaky, swiped to the end of the book and saw the little bonus there. If you weren’t sneaky, you read fast! The book was released around the world today (unless you bought the paperback, which accidentally went live on Saturday. Oops!), and you finished at almost 11pm last night my time. So you read in a few hours what it took me four years to write.

Okay. Not quite four years. I did write another book in that time which will come out later this year (Urban Fantasy!), and there were many Distractions, but it did take a while.

Whew. Alright. It’s time to find ways to distract myself. Otherwise I will continue to refresh every web page on my computer hoping to read a review or see the book’s ranking change or come across the most amazing email ever. I hope you guys love Shades of Allegiance as much as I do! Thank you all for reading! And for waiting so long for me to get my act together and finish the story.