First up, it’s like I remembered I have a website! lol I seriously need to get better at updating this thing. It’s been almost a year, and I had a new book release over the summer!

And I have a new release this month! It’s sort of a prequel to A Void of Magic, but it’s a R.O.M.A.N.C.E. If you subscribe to my email, you’ll get it VERY soon for free before it’s on any of the retailers. You get to see Nora and Jared meet, and learn a bit about their story. 🙂

Also, look what I did!

I’m so happy with it! I foresee Kennedy creating pens, letterhead, wine glasses, and all sorts of fun things!

The other super cool project that will be happening soon??? I’m launching a Kickstarter to create an audiobook and hardback version of The Shadow Reader!

I felt so bad over the last few years when listeners emailed me to ask when the second shadow reader audiobook would be released. Since the rights to the audiobooks were with my publisher at that time, I had no control over it. But now that I do I’ve had the first book re-narrated and hope to get the funds to have The Shattered Dark recorded too! And I can’t wait to hold a hardcover in my hands.

I’d love for you to follow the campaign! You can just click the Notify Me on Launch button to be alerted when it launches. I’m kind of loving Kickstarter at the moment. I’m familiar with it because of board games Spreadsheet Guy has backed. Oh! And a cool magic puzzle project. It’s just a neat place for discovering cool things, and it’s a great place for readers who LOVE books to find and support authors.

Hope your year is off to a great start! I always love January. Mostly because I get to get back to a normal schedule!