I hit a milestone overnight!

Bound by Bloodsong has over 250 pre-orders!

That’s way more than I’ve had on any of my books, and it’s a HUGE deal! I mean, I very rarely pre-order books, but when I do, it’s because I absolutely love a book or an author, so thank you guys SO much! I’m so happy so many people are enjoying Kennedy’s story. I was so uncertain when I published it because it felt different from my other trilogies. No big explosions or sword fights or whatnot. Things change for Kennedy, of course, but I was really worried the book would just be…boring. Even though I absolutely loved it.

So, again, thank you to everyone who pre-ordered Bound by Bloodsong. It’s still scheduled for a July release, which is know is forever away in the current times of authors-must-publish-books-every-week. Okay, maybe not every week but when you’re a turtle writer like me, it feels like everyone else is releasing 52 books a year!

The pre-order was one milestone. I have another!

I published A Clash of Moonlight overnight!

Yall. My goal in life is to write two books a year. More than that would stress the heck out of me, and you guys would end up with shitty books. One book a year is my usual pace when I don’t have some kind of life crisis going on (hello, 2017-2022!). I published twice in 2021, and I’m going to publish twice in 2022! And, sure, A Clash of Moonlight is, technically, a novella from me, but from a ton of other writers, a 43,000 story falls under the novel category.

Anyway, A Clash of Moonlight is Nora and Jared’s story. Aren’t you curious about how these two hooked up? I was, and I wrote what I thought would be a short story but…wasn’t. lol It was fun to see these two, and I learned a ton about that. (Seriously, you guys, my characters ALWAYS surprise me.) I hope you enjoy it!

By the way, if you’re on my newsletter list, it’s free until the 31st. (If you sign up any time between now and then, send me an email to let me know you want it. 🙂 Everyone else already has the super secret link in their inboxes.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!