I just backed Candace Osmond’s Omnibus for Dark Tides. I’ve never read her books or even heard of her, but her campaign totally sucked me in. I mean, look at the reward tiers! A mystery box?! A Funko Pop doll?! It was a really hard choice, but I went with the mystery box.

One of the things I love about Kickstarter is getting surprise fun mail! I kind of sort of forget that bookish things are coming in the mail, so it’s always fun when something shows up. I recently received Erin Casey’s Purple Door District book and swag! So fun to open it! Now I just need to find time to read the book! (I read the sample before I backed and was hooked!)  Speaking of Kickstarters, I updated mine today because I’m FINALLY at the point where I can start shipping all the goodies! I’m still waiting on the hardcovers to come in, but that should happen this week. So if you backed me (THANK YOU!), your books and swag are coming soon!

And now, for the not so fun news. I have to push back the release date for Bound by Bloodsong. I’m super upset about this, but summer has been rough. We’ve gone video game free as of June 1st, and my kids have taken up a huge amount of my mental space. Lots of things going on there. But when I’m able to write, the writing goes well. I’m sneaking in an hour here and there like when I take the boys to a ninja gym or one to swim team practice. I’m looking at September 13th* for a release day now.

I’m so, so sorry. I know it stinks having to wait a whole year for a book! Everyone is so used to authors rapid releasing, and that’s just never going to be me. My goal in life is releasing two fantastic books a year. I’m getting closer to that! But, yeah. This one is a fourteen month wait. 🙁

Remind me not to schedule summer releases ever again! lol At this stage in life, it’s just not going to happen.

Off to do All The Things! I’ll update again when I can! <3

*Amazon doesn’t show the correct release date still. They’re the only store that makes pre-orders and some other things really difficult for authors.