Below, you’ll find ten of my favorite books. I, of course, love the usual authors: Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer Armentrout, etc. But I wanted to include authors that you might not have heard about yet. Have you read any of these? Are they your favorites too? Let me know! sandy@sandy-williams.com

This felt like a mash-up of historical romance and sci-fi, a cool combination which I absolutely loved! Ada is fleeing a forced marriage when she runs into super soldier Loch. ❤️

This book is unabashedly a love triangle, but it’s a love triangle done right. I loved both guys while being suspicious of both as well. Brie is a great heroine who has to steal three magical artifacts in order to free her sister from the Unseelie king. I definitely had some Shadow Reader vibes while reading this, so if you loved my trilogy, I think you’ll love this as well.

I’ve had trouble getting into Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series. It great writing and great world building, but a little too much horror and not enough romance. This series fixes all of that for me! It’s sooo good! And Ilona Andrews remains fantastic at world building and characterization. This will be a trilogy I re-read.

Barrons. ‘nough said.

A story about a woman mercenary who has an awesome set of body armor? Yes! Devi takes a job on the Glorious Fool and things don’t go smoothly. Plus, there’s this really hot chef.

This was a unique and wonderfully written urban fantasy about a woman who is paid by business people and such to “dance for the gods” to gain the gods favor. It takes place in Prague (awesome setting!), which is ruled by a powerful necromancer. This powerful (and hot) necromancer hires our dancer to help him solve a string of murders. So good!

A slooooow burn space opera romance. Kira is one of my favorite heroines. She has secrets and a past that hurts. She and her AI, Jin–I LOVE JIN–are sent to broker a peace deal with another race of elf-like humans, who she just so happens to be a descendant of. Fast paced and so good!

Such a unique urban fantasy with the best beta hero ever! Cady has been in hiding for several years after her occultist parents were accused of being serial killers. Something happens, and she now finds herself having to prove their innocence.

It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite Linnea Sinclair book. I’ve re-read almost all of them multiple times. She’s the author who pulled me into reading romance, and I’m constantly looking for more sci-fi authors who write like her. Anyway, I’m a sucker for a plot about a goddess, hero, emperor, princess, whatever coming back from the dead and being worshiped. And I loved the hero in this book, who wasn’t the typical military commander type of guy, but in charge of managing a huge space station.

Another book with a unique premise! Our heroine is sentenced to death, but she’s given another chance at life when she’s given a chance to become a food taster for the commander. She has to learn to detect all the poisons while at the same time hiding magical powers that are beginning to manifest. This book was a great read and had just enough romance to make me happy,

I really shouldn’t like any Julia Quinn books. I like books that have a strong plot other than boy meets girl, and all her books are totally boy meets girl without any explosions or monsters or other life threatening moments. But her books are crack. WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON is a fabulous, charming, laugh out loud funny, adorable story. I can not express how much I love the characters¬† The banter between them is so fun to read, and she always makes me laugh. This book is definitely my favorite of hers. The hero and heroine fall in love talking back and forth between their windows.¬†