Nora and Jared’s Story

You want to read Nora and Jared’s story as I write it? Awesome! Here are all the snippets/chapters/scenes I’ve written so far. The links will take you to the emails that were previously sent. Future scenes will be sent directly to your inbox,

Happy reading! ( and remember, rough draft warning on all of these!)

AND UPDATE! I finished the ending in one BIG chunk! The scenes below are about half the story, but you can read the complete story here! Please not that it still has note been professionally edited, so there will be some minor changes before this becomes the FINAL final version. 🙂

Nora and Jared #1 (Sent July 25th)
Nora and Jared #2 (Sent July 30th)
Nora and Jared #3 (Sent August 3rd)
Nora and Jared #4 (Sent August 12th)
Nora and Jared #5 (Sent August 16th)
Nora and Jared #6 (Sent August 24th)
Nora and Jared #7 (Sent August 30th)
Nora and Jared #8 (Sent September 6th)
Nora and Jared #9 (Sent September 10th)
Nora and Jared #10 (Sent September 13th)
Nora and Jared #11-13 (Sent October 6th)


  1. Aubrey Schlue

    Wahhh I love these

    • Sandy Williams

      I’m so glad! It’s weird letting people read before it’s all shiny, but I’m liking the way the story is going so far. 🙂

  2. Maria

    Keep them coming please Sandy, looking forward to seeing where it’s going!

  3. Joyce

    Any more Nora and Jared please Sandy?

    • Sandy Williams

      Hi, Joyce!
      I’m so sorry I’ve fallen behind! I wrote the next scene then realized it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to, so I’m in the process of fixing that. Plus, I was concentrating on Bound by Bloodsong this week. I plan to send the next scene out on Monday though. It’s almost readable. 🙂


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