Nora and Jared’s Story

You want to read Nora and Jared’s story as I write it? Awesome! Here are all the snippets/chapters/scenes I’ve written so far. The links will take you to the emails that were previously sent. Future scenes will be sent directly to your inbox,

Happy reading! ( and remember, rough draft warning on all of these!)

Nora and Jared #1 (Sent July 25th)
Nora and Jared #2 (Sent July 30th)
Nora and Jared #3 (Sent August 3rd)
Nora and Jared #4 (Sent August 12th)
Nora and Jared #5 (Sent August 16th)
Nora and Jared #6 (Sent August 24th)
Nora and Jared #7 (Sent August 30th)
Nora and Jared #8 (Sent September 6th)


  1. Aubrey Schlue

    Wahhh I love these

    • Sandy Williams

      I’m so glad! It’s weird letting people read before it’s all shiny, but I’m liking the way the story is going so far. 🙂

  2. Maria

    Keep them coming please Sandy, looking forward to seeing where it’s going!


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