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Sexy and fun, this is a must for anyone who likes their fae modern, their stakes high, and their property damage extensive."

-- Seanan McGuire, New York Times Bestselling Author 


"Combines top-notch writing and world-building with characters you'll adore...and the star-crossed lovers may just break your heart."

-- Ann Aguirre, USA Today Bestselling Author


This book had just the right amount of action, twists, and romance. And McKenzie was someone you could wholeheartedly root for.

-- Andi, Kindle Reviewer 


This was by far one of the very best fantasy stories I have read in years.

-- Kindle Reviewer

The Shadow Reader Novels

Some humans can see the fae. McKenzie Lewis can track them, reading the shadows they leave behind.

A Houston college student trying to finish her degree, McKenzie has been working for the fae king for years, tracking vicious rebels who would claim the Realm. But her job isn't her only secret. For just as long, she's been in love with Kyol, the king's sword-master--and relationships between humans and fae are forbidden...


Chapter One

My skin tingles a moment before a slash of white light flashes at the front of the lecture hall. I grit my teeth and keep my eyes locked on my scantron, refusing to acknowledge the fae entering my world through that fissure. I don’t give a damn if it’s the king himself, I will pass this test tonight.

I darken in C on my answer sheet and then read the next question.


It’s Kyol. Of course the Court would send him.

“McKenzie,” he says. “We must go.” No one else can hear or see him even though he towers over my professor, who stands less than two feet to his left. All the other students remain bowed over their desks, completely focused on their final exams. I grip my pencil and bubble in another circle.

The fae climbs the steps to my fifth-row seat. Still not meeting his eyes, I shake my head. I told him—I told all of them—not to call on me this week, but none of the fae understand why I need this degree, not when the Court takes care of all my needs. I tried to explain I’m human. I have human dreams and need a human life, and it shouldn’t take anyone eight years to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English. They hadn’t listened. At least, Kyol hadn’t.

Not now! I want to scream, but even the softest whisper will disturb the quiet in the lecture hall. I stare down at my exam, letting my long hair brush the top of my desk. It forms a brown curtain, cutting off my view of Kyol as I reread question ten. The Court’s war can wait until I finish.

Kyol lays a hand on my shoulder, and a pleasant warmth expands beneath the thin strap of my purple cami. If we were alone, I’d lean into his touch, soak in his heat, his scent—soak in him—but not here, not now in the middle of a test I have to pass. I shift, trying to get away. When his hand remains, I slam my fist down on my desk.

My classmates turn their heads to stare and Dr. Embry frowns. Fantastic.

“Number ten,” I say with a nervous laugh. “It’s a doozy.” It isn’t. It’s on the works of C. S. Lewis. Easy. I bubble in A.

Kyol pulls on my shoulder and I squirm again. There’s no way in hell I’m flunking this course a third time. I need it to graduate, and I don’t care if Kyol drops his invisibility in front of all my classmates, my ass isn’t budging until I finish my test and triple check my answers.

“We’ve no time to waste,” Kyol says. “The rebels have found you.”

Pick Your Price

Get THREE ebooks for the price of one!

Get THREE books at over 50% off!

Retail value. Thank you so much!!!

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I write the type of books I love to read. Books that are gripping enough to make the dishes and the laundry disappear.

Books that slam a door on real life drama and disasters and transport me to another world. I want to read about a heroine who is independent, smart, and courageous even when she is outmatched.

ESPECIALLY when she’s outmatched.

I want action, high stakes, and hard choices.

And I want all of this with an inconveniently timed romance thrown in.

If you also want characters who can bring people together—or tear universes apart—you've found the right author.